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Monday, June 18, 2007

Fortune and glory

Today is a day that a lot of us thought would never happen.

Today begins something that a lot of us have seen promised for over ten years now, only to have our hopes dashed time after time.

And for those who know the wacky history of this thing, it's hits especially hard that today...

...is the day that filming starts on the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

Somewhere right now, as these words are being written, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are once again directing Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Think about that.

Isn't that just... the coolest thing?!? :-)

The last time Ford donned the fedora, it was in a cameo appearance as an older Indy in an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (see pic) that broadcast on ABC on March 13th, 1993. That episode had Indy and this Native American fellow racing through snow to keep a sacred artifact out the hands of some bad guys. Ironically, the episode aired during the now-infamous "Storm of the Century". We were lucky to have been one place that didn't lose power: it was weird with us being surrounded by all that snow, and then watching Indiana Jones playing around in all that snow during the episode.

And now, Ford is picking up the bullwhip again.

On May 22nd 2008, Dad and I are going to see this movie... just like we've seen every other Indiana Jones movie together.

Just one thing that I have to wonder about, since this is being made by both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg: are they using George's digital, or real film a'la Spielberg? Or has George rigged up a digital camera that only looks like it's shooting on film so as to trick Spielberg into shooting shooting digitally? :-P


Anonymous said...

Is that a shot from the new movie?

Chris Knight said...

That's from Ford's appearance on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the two-hour "Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues" TV movie (that had Indy being college roomies with Elliot Ness and hanging out with Ernie Hemingway... while learning about the blues from Louis Armstrong and then taking on a young hood named Al Capone, I kid you not :-)

qemuel said...

Heh. I remember this! Haven't thought about young Indy in years...

I never saw any of the Indiana Jones film in the theater (not completely true; I saw the first one projected on to a large screen in a school auditorium a few years after it came out). I very much look forward to seeing my first one there in 2008!


Chris Knight said...

Have had the good fortune to have seen all the Indy movies in their first run. I was seven when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out. My mom freaked out in that near-last scene where the Nazis were melting: "Oh Lord CHRIS COVER YOUR EYES!!" That was at the AMC Theater at the old Carolina Circle Mall, which is where that new Wal-Mart in north-east Greensboro is now. Saw all three Indy movies at that theater along with a lot of other movies. So many memories...

Anonymous said...


I think I read that there will be no CGI and such in the new movie because they want it to look the same as the 80s movies. At least there's that. Whether digital or film, I don't know.