Friday, January 08, 2021

I'm now on Parler

Today has been Red Wedding for a lot of online presence.  It began more or less with Facebook wiping out the #WalkAway movement this morning, a few days after banning President Trump.  Then Twitter banned Trump apparently for life (which makes me wonder if that might be breaking the law, since Trump's tweets could be considered public record).  And now it's Apple and Google threatening Twitter alternative Parler.

It's the night of the long knives in cyberspace.

Well, I've decided to begin migrating my microblogging to Parler.  I signed up for an account some months ago but in light of recent events it may be wise to prepare for the worst.  I was mostly using Twitter for the embedded feed on this blog.  Parler doesn't seem to have that capability yet but I'm hopeful.

Anyhoo, here I am on Parler @theknightshift.