Tuesday, May 09, 2006

President of Iran to Bush: Return to Christianity

Geez, is this a hard one to post. I mean the President of Iran is as raving lunatic as they come but... Here, read this:
Iran To Bush: 'Return To Christianity'
by UPI Wire
May 9, 2006

NEW YORK, May 9, 2006 (UPI) -- A rambling letter to U.S. President George Bush from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suggested Bush return to Christian teachings.

Any hopes Ahmadinejad would offer a solution to the nuclear enrichment impasse Iran has with the United Nations were dashed in the letter, the first direct correspondence with Washington since 1979.

"Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ... But at the same time, have countries attacked: the lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed," the 18-page letter said...

No matter the source, this must be asked aloud:

Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ... But at the same time, have countries attacked: the lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed?
Well, can one?

Would a Christian actively employ someone like Karl Rove, who's built his entire life on the destruction of others?

Would a Christian build up a case for expending the lives of his countrymen on a falsehood?

Would a Christian never cease in seeking the destruction of those who disagree with him?

These are the questions we should have been asking ourselves the whole time... and instead it takes someone who's the furthest thing from being a Christian to ask them for us.

So, how about that beam in our eye, fellow believers?

EDIT 3:55 PM EST: It should also be pointed out that so far this letter doesn't sound very much like a serious attempt at reaching out diplomatically on Iran's part... something it had the first chance in 27 years to do. Which shows even more how messed-up this Iranian president is. Just in case anyone is of the mind that I'm defending this guy somehow.


Anonymous said...

But do you think a Christian should sit back and let innocent people get killed?

Chris Knight said...

Why not? Our President claims to be Christian, and he lets innocent people get killed all the time in Iraq and Sudan and China and...

Government is not, and never has been meant to be, an extension of Christian morality. Government is, at best, effective only because those serving within it do so because of true Christian conscience, for sake of CHRIST, not for sake of self. Government is NOT "Christian" merely because its members claim to be Christian. Therein rests the folly of so many European governments that have claimed moral supremacy because of ecclesiastical affiliation.

Hell, the American government as it currently exists is probably the most bestial/evil major empire in world history. It attacks other lands unprovoked, it spies on its own people, it taxes its citizens into bondage, it allows for the killing of the unborn, it crushes dissent... Why in the world would a REAL Christian have anything to do with such a thing?

We have become just like the Soviets of old. The only thing that really separates us is that at least they ADMITTED to being atheists (and to being just one party too).

Anonymous said...

Well taking out christianity. Should Americans fight for those who cannot fight for themselves?

Chris Knight said...

You really want to know the answer to that?

Okay, here goes: Americans are not, and were never intended to be, the police/guardians/rulers/establishers of law in this world.

And I happen to believe that no people are incapable of fighting for themselves. Fighting is always an option. Whether YOU live to see the fight won is irrelevant. What matters is, are you willing to fight so that your children might see a free life?

Freedom cannot be granted to a people. A people must earn it.

Anonymous said...

Then why did we need the french during the revolutionary war?
or any country for that matter in past wars. Why do we need to get approval before we invade other country. We should go and take care of business.

Chris Knight said...

We needed the French?? Well, we had LaFayette doing some military advising, but other than that the French figured nowhere in the Revolutionary War. And good thing for us, 'cuz *really* involving the French would have only tilted what favor we did have seriously away from us.

(The Revolutionary War wasn't popular in England, BTW. It was a lot like the Vietnam war was for us. Fact is, there were MORE people in England who wanted Americans to be independent than there were who wanted to keep us tied to Britain. If we involved the French, that support would have gone bye-bye.)

"Take care of business"? Okay, ummmmm I *really* hate to mention this, but this is exactly what the Germans did to the Sudetenland, and later to Poland. And they actually did get permission before taking the Sudetenland anyway.

Anonymous said...

But why did we get involved against the germans. That was ok. Why didn't we just say hey do what you want and leave the germans alone. you said we were not intended to be the police of the world but weve done it before and we are doing it now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just send Iran a few of our war heads and let him blow up the state of Israel. That would make everyone happy in that area

Chris Knight said...

The Germans were a real bona-fide threat to us. Saddam Hussein wasn't, and I have doubts as to whether the Iranians - apart from a few severe nutcases - are a serious threat either.

Heck, the vast majority of the Iranian people are actually pretty decent, nice people. Although they *have* still bitter feelings towards the U.S. after we used force to install the Shah over them. But for the most part, you would probably get along pretty well with the average Iranian.

Don't forget that the Germans actually *did* declare war on us, immediately after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As soon as they did that, our direct interests (American people etc.) in Europe and other places abroad were put in jeopardy. The U.S. did the obvious thing and declared war on Germany in kind. There was *no* unprovoked action on our part in any way so far as the Germans went. That isn't happening now: fact is, the U.S. *is* the aggressor force in much of the world today.

Maybe if we just stayed home and looked after our own interests, the rest of the world might not be so eager to destroy us. Trying to destroy them pre-emptively because of that certainly isn't a wise course of action.

Chris Knight said...

"Maybe we should just send Iran a few of our war heads and let him blow up the state of Israel. That would make everyone happy in that area"

Yeah but everyone in that area would be *dead* too :-(

Anonymous said...

you went back to foreign relations. Why should we get involved with other countries. We should just stay to ourselves. Also the Germans never set foot on U.S. soil. I think there would have been a lot of red neck country boys ready to throw down.

Anonymous said...

no more trouble from those folks then right:)

Chris Knight said...

"We should just stay to ourselves."

Agree on that one.

"Also the Germans never set foot on U.S. soil. I think there would have been a lot of red neck country boys ready to throw down."

I'm not going to tell you the ENTIRE story, but do a little bit of research on your own: you wouldn't believe what the Germans were doing on American soil.

Heck, there's one story about them, and how they were trying to recruit Native Americans to turn traitor, that will absolutely have you howling with disbelief :-P

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should follow what Jesus taught instead of using our reason to justify killing in any form. For the Christian, there is NO choice: