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The Knight Shift receives an average of 20,000 visits each month*.  These visits represent a vast readership who come to the blog searching for information, for entertainment, and for the thoughts and commentary of the blogger.  Some have called me one of the very first bloggers (I first began a journal much like The Knight Shift in the fall of 1994).  Whether that is accurate or not, I have always striven to maintain an online presence that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life.  The result has been one of the most heavily-visited personal blogs on the Internet.

I am eager to put that level of audience exposure to work for you.  Contact me at theknightshift@gmail.com with "Advertise on The Knight Shift" in the subject line, and I will return correspondence including a list of rates.  If you do not have an advertisement ready to go, let me assist you in creating a graphic that will catch the eye and arouse interest in your product or service.

Please note that I reserve the right to approve or deny advertising queries based on whether or not I believe that they are a good fit for The Knight Shift.

*based on blog statistics generated by Google