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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Staying busy is a good thing... right?

Whew... why is it every time I get started on "blogging" again that this pesky thing called life rears its ugly head and throws a kink in my plans? Ahhh well... at least it's not the usual BAD stuff, right?

So I've been studying up bigtime to take the exam for Microsoft CIW certification (45 needed out of 60), take that tomorrow. Hope it goes better than a month ago when Dad and I drove out to Nashville so I could try out for Jeopardy! Am pretty sure I missed passing that exam by two questions and I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about obscure 17th century Italian opera!

We also finally finally FINALLY started principle photography on my film "Forcery". The idea came in early September 2001 (a little over a week before 9/11) after a crazy incident at Dragon*Con in Atlanta that a parody of Stephen King's "Misery" except with George Lucas would be hilarious! So, seven script drafts, six casting changes, approximately 20 props found on eBay, a "production re-alignmment" and untold headaches later, we're making it at last. Go to the official site above for some still photos of the day we shot the Skywalker Ranch scenes.

Speaking of Star Wars, I'd wanted it for Christmas but Santa must have forgot, but a week or so ago I finally got Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic for computer. It's not only the most beautiful Star Wars game I've ever seen, it's by far one of the most immersive role-playing games for computer that I've seen also. When it comes to my idle hours it's become the one thing that's detracted from my interest in Star Wars Galaxies.

My blog entry "People Who Should Be Shot When The Revolution Comes" from April got around. Quite a bit, actually. Don't worry I haven't been visited by police or Secret Service (yet anyway) but it does seem to have struck a chord with a bunch of people. I might write a sequel later, 'cuz some other people worthy of wrath at the appointed time have come to mind (but bear in mind it was a parody to begin with, and will be a parody again).

Okay, that's enough for this time. Me go eat now.