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About The Knight Shift

The Knight Shift was always meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and ideas.  As well as for sharing the things which I find to be interesting enough to share with whoever may happen to come across my humble little contribution to the Intertubes.

Instead it has become much, much more.  I never thought when I incepted The Knight Shift, all those years ago in a whitewashed house in the middle of nowhere and a 56K modem, that it would turn into something that had such far-reaching effects into the larger world.

I have written about politics and my musings about spirituality.  I have composed movie reviews and used this blog to successfully petition for publishing unreleased music.  This blog has been a running documentary of what it’s like to run for office, and has been the launching ground for components of that which have gone on to become renowned in political circles.  It has been the focus of legal matters which have been nothing short of groundbreaking.  It has even taken on obscene cults determined to destroy the right of individuals to gather to worship in peace.

Most of all, The Knight Shift has been a journal of some of my innermost rejoicings… as well as my worst turmoils.  This blog has documented the good times and the bad.  The tragedies and the triumphs.  Often that has meant being a reflection of myself that in retrospect is not the kindest or most favorable.  But I would not dare go back and edit those or delete them from this blog.  In their own way, each is a moment of my journey through life.  A living document of how I have grown and developed as a person.

That is what this blog is most.  One person’s epic exploration of the human condition.  It has been said that we each have a “personal legend”.  This blog is not that legend, but it is a darn good record of it.

And hey, it’s just plain outright fun to share stuff like news about technology breakthroughs, the life and times of legendary moonshiners, weird nonsense like Darth Vader joining the Lutherans, YouTube clips of classic Sesame Street, and the occasional good recipe.  And we can’t forget awesome movie trailers either.

So feel free to look around.  Who knows: you might find something that you will want to share with others, too!

Legal: Review Disclaimer
I have not previously and will not receive monetary compensation or any other incentive in the process of writing reviews for this blog.  Obviously writing said reviews normally entails being sent materials for that purpose.  However, doing so does not necessarily mean that the review is going to be positive.

Unless otherwise specified, any materials sent for review will become my own property.  However, I will not relinquish said property for financial gain or other recompense.

Whenever possible I will disclose the source of the materials being reviewed.  Exceptions will be made when said source has an understandable and reasonable rationale for remaining anonymous (e.g. “whistleblowers”).

Those wishing for a product or media review, or who wish to further discuss the above terms, should contact me at theknighshift@gmail.com with your query.