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Highlights of The Knight Shift

So much has happened since The Knight Shift's beginnings. There is no way to properly categorize all of it. But here are some of the bigger thing that have transpired across the pages of this blog.

For me, the most important thing that has happened here is writing about having manic-depressive illness, also known as bipolar disorder.  I guess you could say that I was guided into publicly talking about it out of desperate circumstance.  However it happened, "Being Bipolar" came about as a result, and I'm looking forward to adding some more to that series as time allows.

My blog has gained some small amount of notoriety for other things, some of it because of the campaign I ran for Rockingham County (North Carolina) Board of Education.  Although I did not win a seat, it was an immensely rewarding experience and one that I wouldn't take anything for.  I think it's safe to say that the highlight of it was the three television commercials, especially the "Star Wars"-themed one that has me flourishing a lightsaber after the Death Star made a little red schoolhouse blow up.  Well, that's what everyone seems to remember most about it, anyway...

And then there is what I honestly hate to refer to as "Knight v. Viacom": that very strange incident in the fall of 2007 that saw some legal contesting between media corporation Viacom and Yours Truly.  It's all here if you're interested in knowing more about it.  It's been called a major legal case in the realm of copyright and independent content creators.

Who knows, but I may add more to this list as time goes on.