Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush's illegals blind man's dog with pepper spray

Awright, THIS is the kind of story that gives me no compassion at all for the illegals entering this country over the Mexican border. Some of them crossed into a guy's land and permanently blinded his dog with pepper spray.

These are the same ones that President Bush is telling us to have compassion toward, the ones he's pushing to grant amnesty for.

This country is being invaded from the south. Hell, 10% of the entire Mexican population is in the United States right now. How the hell does this President get away with calling himself a "homeland security" Commander in Chief when he does NOTHING about our southern border and lets this kind of thing happen to REAL Americans?

President Bush doesn't care one damn whit about you or me, my fellow Americans. And as for the illegals coming over and doing this sort of thing, I'd recommend the following: fire one shot over their heads as a warning, and another between their eyes to take them down if they take one step more over the line. Let the Mexicans take charge over their own country: it's more than enough for us to manage our own.