Monday, August 28, 2006

Abe Lincoln and a beaver want you to catch some ZZZs

So it's now 3 a.m., an unconscionably late hour to be up at. Ironically enough, a short while ago I was checking some web-mail and a banner ad for Rozerem appeared. It's a prescription sleep medicine and if you haven't seen the TV ad yet... well, this is just one plum weird commercial. A guy who can't sleep shuffles into his kitchen where Abe Lincoln and a talking beaver are sitting at the table with a chess set, telling the guy they've been waiting for him. In the background there's someone at the kitchen counter wearing a deep-sea diving suit. The tagline is something like "Your dreams miss you." For a pharmaceutical ad, it's certainly one of the most odd that I've ever seen... but I think it's strangely funny too. I mean, what kind of person is it that comes up with the idea of putting Abe Lincoln and a wise-cracking beaver together? Well if you want to see the ad here it is in Quicktime format (may have to upgrade to the latest version of the player though).

Awright, time for me to get in some sleep myself. See y'all on the flipside :-)