Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can't wait a few days for more LOST?

I've been too busy all summer to keep up with The Lost Experience interactive game thingy, even though I'm a really big fan of the show Lost and have been trying hard to figure out just what the heck is going on with this island. Well some people have been playing this game and have worked the past few months to piece together all the tidbits of information that Lost's creators have spread around about the show's underlying mythology. And before the new season starts next week, it looks like we might have a lot more to go on now.

This video (which according to the "storyline" of The Lost Experience game was filmed by an anti-Hanso activist) was originally seventy different fragments that had to be spliced together to make the complete film. Among the things you'll find in it: what the DHARMA Initiative is up to (including what the acronym DHARMA means), Alvar Hanso addressing the camera, the origin of "the numbers", footage of the Swan Station being built, a possible explanation for the disease, and what sounds an awful lot like not-Henry Gale wearing a lab coat with his back turned toward us. All of this may or may not be relevant to the actual show (meaning it could just be stuff the show's creators pulled out of a hat to keep us all happy and content throughout the months until the third season starts) but just in case - and especially if you are hungering for even a tiny morsel of Lost to get you through the next week or so - here's the complete "Hanso Exposed" video...