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Monday, September 25, 2006

For crying out loud: I'm ALREADY TAKEN!

Since 6 o'clock last night (it's half-past 1 in the morning now) I've received eight "friend requests" to my Myspace account. All of them are from people I've never heard from before in my life. Every one of them is a young woman. And each one has popped up the same screen every time I clicked on their name to see who the heck this is supposed to be...
I have no idea what the "Myspace Adult Content Viewer" is supposed to be, but there's no way I'm letting that thing touch my hard-drive. Lord only knows what it would do to my system. Neither do I know why so many girls are asking to be my "friend". I've a policy when it comes to Myspace: I have to absolutely 100% know a person before I add them to my "friends" list thingamabob. Every person you see on my Myspace friends - with the exception of Myspace Tom and The Official "Weird Al" Fan Site one - I know from real life.

Why are all these girls trying to get me to add them? I dunno. Lisa says it's because "you're good-looking" to which I asked why doesn't she get slammed from guys as much as me ' cuz she's beautiful... but then again she's got a bunch of our wedding pictures set on her page so maybe that's why. Perhaps if I stick up a photo of her and I getting married as my main pic then these girls will leave me alone finally, 'cuz this happens all the time. Someone suggested that these are people who see that I'm a film-maker and that maybe they think I can get them a role in a flick or something. Well, I hate to disappoint anyone who might think so, but my operation has never had a "casting couch".

So if any young lady is reading this and contemplating sending me a Myspace friend request and I don't already know you, and especially if your profile is filled with photos of a less-than-prurient nature: please don't. I've been in love with one woman for the past six years - the only woman I have ever truly loved - and my heart totally and completely belongs to only two people: God, and her. So kindly desist with sending me Myspace requests that won't get you anywhere at all.

I will welcome anyone who wants to write me a friendly note through Myspace though, and let whatever friendship happens that may spring from that... and you'll find that I'm a pretty loyal guy to have as a friend. But that comes with time: something that I doubt anyone who makes the "adult content" red flag pop up would really appreciate.


Anonymous said...

But you're the pimp daddy, Chris.