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Friday, October 06, 2006

Baring "Tooth and Claw" tonight on DOCTOR WHO

I've come up with a pretty cool theory about the British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, and tonight's episode is an example of it: the Doctor is trying to bring Rose to the year 1979 (the year of The Muppet Movie and Margaret Thatcher as he puts it ) but instead the TARDIS brings them to 1879. Why, in spite of the Doctor's best attempts to go where and when he wants, does the TARDIS always seem to bring him into the middle of danger and terror? It's almost like the TARDIS has a distinct mind of its own. I mean this has been going on since the very beginning of the show over forty years ago. Well, here's my idea: the Doctor, whether he knows it or not, is acting as an agent of God. It's the Almighty Himself who is steering the TARDIS according to His will. Wherever there is something going wrong anywhere in time and space, God is sending the Doctor there... because God knows that the Doctor will do his best to make things right no matter where or when he's at. Sorta like on Quantum Leap how it was implied that something - or Someone - on a higher plane was directing Sam's leaps.

Well anyway, if you're watching Season 2 (28 if you're counting from the original run of Doctor Who) in the States on the Sci-Fi Channel right now, tonight at 8 o'clock brings us "Tooth and Claw", the second standard Doctor Who episode featuring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. Definitely a stronger episode than the previous entry "New Earth". Tonight's is a story involving werewolves, wire-fu The Matrix martial artists, and a face-to-face meeting with Her Majesty Queen Victoria. It's also a fairly important episode in the current overall mythology of the show because it has a little to do with "Torchwood", which you will be hearing plenty more about as the season progresses. All things considered, a solid episode that kicks off a whole string of solid stories that continues over the next few weeks with "School Reunion" and "The Girl in the Fireplace".