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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Back again, this time from spending almost two hours at Monroeton Elementary a few miles down US 158. This was my original precinct when I first registered to vote. Monroeton is also the school that Lisa is the music teacher at. While we were there Mom came to vote (I guess she's voting for me :-) One of Tom Schoolfield's poll workers let Michael borrow an umbrella, since his hoody was starting to get slopping wet from the drizzle, and that was really nice. Also saw quite a few other people I know but hadn't seen in awhile.

Okay, well...

While I was there I thought it would be neat to see my wife. The thing is, they're using HER classroom for the polling site! So not only is my wife dislocated from her regular classroom today but because I'm a candidate I'm legally not allowed to get too close the the place. Lisa came out about 11:15 to see how we were doing (it's still VERY cold and rainy) but I just had to see my girl again before we left. Well, turns out everything is cool so long as I took off my candidate name tag and we left our signs in the car. So we got to hang out for a little while with her during lunch after all. Here she is in the classroom she's temporarily using today:
We headed back a little before 12:30. Michael and I have opted to take a break for lunch (although he's actually right now immersed in another Gamecube game: this time one from the Legend of Zelda series) and then hit some precincts to the north and west. One thing that is surprising me somewhat: apart from two other candidates, we've seen no one working the polls from the other school board campaigns. That's probably due to nothing more than the fact that this is an at-large election, whereas before under the all-district plan it would have been much easier to work the polls in your respective district. It's much harder to mount a campaign and have volunteers in place at all the precincts throughout the county, throughout the day. I'm expecting more campaigns to be represented as the afternoon progresses.

That's all for this report. Now let's see what we can scrounge up for lunch...