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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ROCKY BALBOA has a good right cross?

Very interesting story - as in this is an angle I never considered coming from the franchise - about Rocky Balboa on Citizenlink.org. In "The Gym of the Soul", Sylvester Stallone discusses how this final installment in the Rocky series is very much a Christian film that reflects the spirituality he's returned to in recent years after spending most of his career flirting with what Stallone acknowledges were worldly lustings. Here's an excerpt:
He first explained that he felt compelled to write the first film, and he believes that drive came from above. He said the character of Rocky was meant to reflect the characteristic nature of Jesus.

"It's like he was being chosen, Jesus was over him, and he was going to be the fella that would live through the example of Christ," Stallone said. "He's very, very forgiving. There's no bitterness in him. He always turns the other cheek. And it's like his whole life was about service."

But, Stallone confessed, his own life didn't follow the humble example of the boxer who made him a Hollywood star.

"I was raised in a Catholic home, a Christian home, and I went to Catholic schools and I was taught the faith and went as far as I could with it," he said. "Until one day, you know, I got out in the so-called real world and I was presented with temptation. I kinda like lost my way and made a lot of bad choices."

No joke, said all the subscribers to People magazine.

But, Stallone added, he's been going through a change in his life. He's realized that he was wrong to place his career and fame ahead of his family.

"The more I go to church," he said, "and the more I turn myself over to the process of believing in Jesus and listening to His Word and having Him guide my hand, I feel as though the pressure is off me now."

Rocky Balboa is a witnessing tool? Apparently, it's very much so. There's even a website called RockyResources.com devoted to the Christian message of the movie.

Can't wait to see this movie: it's on my real short list of flicks to see this holiday season :-)