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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Who's side are you on?"

Now, a different kind of humor from this past political season. There was a really tense race for District Attorney here between incumbent Belinda Foster and challenger Phil Berger Jr. I may weigh in on more about this further down the line but for now, all I'll say is that Berger deeply impressed me very early on.

Bit of background for this: since this past summer Marvel Comics has been running a massive crossover story titled Civil War. The plot involves compulsory registration of the superhero community by the federal government. Some heroes - like Iron Man and Spider-Man - came out in favor of registration (Peter Parker even revealed his secret identity before an international press conference) while others led by Captain America are against it. Suffice it to say this has led into one massive super-powered fisticuffs involving conflicting allegiances and rising bodycounts. The tagline of the series has been "Who's side are you on?" Well, when the series was just getting started Marvel Comics released some banner graphics saying "I'm with Iron Man" and "I'm with Captain America". Very rapidly, this became ripe for all kinds of parody.

I'd thought of posting this on the blog awhile back, but instead opted for neutrality until after the election. Now I wish that I had put it up here. But here it is now for your enjoyment...


Anonymous said...

I like that one

Chris Knight said...

Wish I could remember where it was online but one of my favorites has Grimlock from the Transformers with the caption "ME WITH GRIMLOCK!"