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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TRANSFORMERS first full trailer arrives

After all these months of shaking my head in disbelief at the leaked photos, having read one version of the script and wondered how this was going to work, fearing that the memory of one of my most cherished childhood toys was going to be desecrated...

...I've watched this trailer about ten times now. And I like it a lot!
Seeing this first trailer for Transformers, I am realizing for the first time that the Transformers that I knew and loved in my younger days, just wouldn't work with modern cinema. Say what you will of Michael Bay: it really looks like he's on track to have updated the whole concept of the Transformers, made them something very dark and menacing and real. These Transformers, the ones I'm seeing in this trailer, are far more like the alien organisms that they are supposed to be than how they were ever depicted in the comic books or cartoons... with an emphasis on "alien".

Good golly... I'm actually starting to look forward to seeing Transformers now!

Mash down here for the first trailer for Transformers, either in regular Quicktime or Windows Media, or in Quicktime HD!


Anonymous said...

The podcast guys at www.themovieblog.com are really excited about the trailer too. They believe that both Transformers and Die Hard 4 will be hurt by releasing on the same day, 04 July 2007, but that Transformers will still beat DH4.

I'm still a bit skeptical, mostly because I don't like the designs of the Transformers themselves (and I'm also not a Michael Bey fan). Their vehicle forms are fine (unlike many other fans' criticisms), but I think their robot forms are *too* organic. I agree that an alien look is appropriate and they should not look like the stiff, blocky toys from the '80's, but I just think they went *too* far in the opposite direction.

I've also seen the trailer as well as the design images and set photos at www.tfw2005.com, and I have trouble identifying where certain vehicle parts go. It's hard to see where wheels & wings & such go in robot form, and the worst example is that it's hard to distenguish where Optiums Prime's signature windshield panels go (are they still a part of his upper torso?).

Design worries aside, I'm also curious if the robots will have interesting voices & personalities, or if their behaviors will be overly alien as well.

Maybe I'm being too nitpicky, but I just worry that this will end up being a Transformers movie "in name only."