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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to John Williams!

John Williams, perhaps the most well-known composers of the modern age, the mind who did the music for the Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones and Jaws and Jurassic Park and the first few Harry Potter flicks and Schindler's List and Lord only knows how many other movies (and TV shows, and themes for Olympic games, etc.) is 75 years old today.

Here's saluting a great man on reaching an epic milestone. And here's to looking forward to many more wonderful film scores (I still believe he's going to do the music for Star Wars Episodes 7-9 someday). Thanks to Darth Larry for posting word about today's wonderful occasion!


Eaglet said...

"I still believe he's going to do the music for Star Wars Episodes 7-9 someday"

I'm holding out for an Episode VII myself. If it's in the works they must be having a blast being covert about it. IMO the talk of the TV series could be quite a pretext. There have been too many false "for the last time" promotions for me to believe that Episode III is really the last.

As long as Lucas and Williams are alive, I really think it could happen.

Happy Birthday, John Williams!

Chris Knight said...


"I'm holding out for an Episode VII myself."

This is a VERY funny thing, within the context of something that I will hopefully be able to show here very soon.

You'll see :-)

Eaglet said...

Let's hope it does not include the words "The shroud of SuperShadow has fallen" .