Saturday, April 28, 2007

AMC is running PSYCHO II right now

Funny story about that movie...

It was like early 1987 or so and one day at the video store my sister and I rented Psycho II (actually we got Mom to rent it and she said the original Psycho was a good movie but they didn't have that one). So Anita and I popped it in the VCR and watched it. Even without seeing the original, I was able to understand Psycho II pretty well.

So the movie ends and Anita and I are getting up from the floor and walking down the hallway and just as she's passing by the bathroom I point and scream out "BLOOD'S COMING OUT OF THE TOILET!!"

My sister screamed like you wouldn't believe. To this day, I don't think she's ever forgiven me for how bad I scared her like that.


Anonymous said...

Saw it in the theater when it originally came out.

I recall Dennis Franz as the Diner chef, challenging Norman to "Pick it up, psucho." (refering to the knife in the cake). And the Sheriff sucking on a blood stained ice cube. :-)