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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bush at Virginia Tech

I remember, back in the day, when people in some quarters would lash out at President Bill Clinton for "crashing" a solemn occasion like the memorial service for those killed in a senseless act. And, they were right to do so. Clinton had to show up and be in front of the camera and become the focus of attention at a completely inappropriate time. It was all about "me me me" to Clinton.

I watched practically the same thing happen today. Just a different President is the only thing notably different. And this time I'm hearing many of those same people swooning over how this President is "wonderful" and "is so compassionate".

This President won't even attend the funeral of any service member who has died in his war. But he will show up - with a speech that he most likely didn't or couldn't write on his own - at a somber moment for a photo op.

Look, if we are going to condemn Clinton for this, then we'd darn well better be ready to condemn George W. Bush when he does the same thing, if we're concerned with anything like consistency.

In my opinion, Bush should have stayed away. This is a time for the Virginia Tech family to come together and comfort each other. The rest of us should not be like "Job's comforters", especially if we want to be there just there for sake of "being there". Right now the people of the Virginia Tech community need our thoughts and prayers more than anything. This is not something for outsiders to exploit for their own selfish gain.


qemuel said...

Amen, brother.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the difference is that people might actually believe that Bush's compassion is real and not (as?) manufactured as Clinton's.

Anonymous said...

Bush was literally smirking at times when he wasn't on stage. The man has no more compassion for VT than he does for the soldiers in Walter Reed.

AfterShock said...

I don't think Bush could have real compassion for anything other than his bank account. The VT families and friends are trying to grieve and here is Bush trying to turn this into a moment and pr spin for him. Thankfully, he cannot be elected again.

Anonymous said...

Too bad all of President Bartlet's terms expired. He would have shed real tears.

Chris Knight said...

"Too bad all of President Bartlet's terms expired."

At the risk of sounding ignorant: who's that?