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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LOST tonight promises to continue the streak

I'm hearing extremely good word about Lost tonight. This week's episode, titled "D.O.C." (for "date of conception") looks to be dealing with two big things. First, the woman parachutist who fell from the sky in last week's show and was found by Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley (she seems to have been looking for Desmond because she had the photo of him and Penny among her effects). Second, this is going to be a "Sun and Jin"-centric episode and it's fairly well known that the thing about Jin's pregnancy - and how no pregnant woman lives long enough to come to term on this island - is going to be the driving plot of tonight's show. But what's really got me stoked is that, apparently, tonight's episode sees the return of Mikhail a.k.a. "Patchy" (played by Andrew Divoff) who didn't die when Locke through him through the fence after all.

Speaking of Lost, I've heard some weird rumors in the past few days about Jacob and who will be playing him when we finally get to see him. This past weekend the story was that Ron Perlman would be Jacob, but the producers shot that one down (though it looks like Perlman might have some kind of role on Lost yet). Then on Monday I heard that Angus Scrimm (the "Tall Man" from the Phantasm movies) is going to be Jacob. Me? I've thought for awhile that when we finally meet Jacob that it'll be Peter Coyote playing him, since Coyote does the narration of all the Lost "retrospective" shows. But I gotta say: Angus Scrimm as Jacob would be pretty wicked cool.