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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Supreme Court upholds ban on partial-birth abortion

Some good news out of the high court, for a change.

But the Supremes still insist that there is a "constitutional right" to have an abortion.

Partial-birth abortion is one of the most stomach-turning things you could ever imagine. I'm glad that this ban is being upheld. But abortion is still legal. And I don't know if Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned in the foreseeable future. As I've noted here before, there are too many people on both "sides" of the abortion debate who have too much to lose if abortion simply "went away". The so-called "right to choose" is one of the things keeping "feminists" attached to the Democrat party and opposing abortion is one of the the few things that have the "evangelical Christians" maintaining a tenuous connection to the Republican party.

You know, abortion and the war in Iraq have something in common: in either situation, politicians use it to maneuver themselves in power and bicker pointlessly, while letting innocent people die for no reason.

Maybe that's one of the more long-term affects of abortion: it's made us come to see our fellow man as an expendable commodity, not as a precious soul.