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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007: A tragic day for Star Wars fans

A few days ago we had the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope, even though it was a few years later when the subtitle was added). Last night the History Channel ran Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, which is one of the best documentaries about Star Wars that I've ever seen. There's been a lot of jubilation this past week about our favorite modern saga...

...but today is a time to mourn.

Today Sacrifice, the new Star Wars novel in the "Legacy of the Force" series, was published. As is being widely reported already, this is the book that sees the death of Mara Jade Skywalker: wife of Luke Skywalker and perhaps the most beloved Star Wars character to have never appeared in any of the movies.

Mara Jade first appeared in Heir to the Empire, the first of the modern "expanded universe" books, in May of 1991. When we first saw her she was trying to kill Luke. She ended up falling in love with him. The two had a wedding as beautiful as any to be found in a fairy tale.

Mara Jade Skywalker was many things: former Imperial, Palpatine's personal assassin, smuggler, dancer, spy, Jedi, diplomat, wife, mother to son Ben... and so very beautiful.

And now, she is dead. Murdered at the hands of nephew Jacen Solo... who is now a Sith Lord calling himself Darth Caedus.

It's the end of an era, my friends...

Mara Jade, we hardly knew ye!

By the way, I sort of have a bit of "history" with Mara Jade. Some years ago I sat next to Shannon McRandle - the actress who did Mara's "real life" portrayals - during dinner. And in 2000 I interviewed Mara Jade's creator Timothy Zahn in an interview for TheForce.net. Then I wound up making a replica Luke Skywalker lightsaber for a friend's Mara Jade costume...

And yes, I do have a "favorite" Mara Jade outfit. But I'm not going to say which one it is here. But I will say this: of all the Star Wars female characters, I always thought that she was the hottest (WAY more so than that ridiculous "slave Leia metal bikini"). And for her attitude as much as for her loveliness.

Rest in peace, Mara...


Anonymous said...

Man, you get into these things like I used to get into STAR TREK.

I say...death to anyone who tells us to "get a life"!

Adam Logan

Chris Knight said...

In a way, I can't help but think that killing Mara off is closing a long-running chapter of the Star Wars saga. She was a MAJOR reason for Star Wars' renewed popularity when it re-ignited in 1991 after several years of "drought". So much so that if Lucas decides to do his "canon" version of events post-Return of the Jedi, he'd almost certainly have to include Mara one way or another.

The death of Mara Jade is like the death knell for a part of Star Wars that's been with us since the very early Nineties.

I just hope Karen Traviss doesn't get death threats for this, like what happened to R.A. Salvatore when he killed off Chewbacca (even though it was a hit ordered from on high. How high? Well how high does the pecking order get? :-P )

Katia Barga said...

I didn't know she is dead until today... what sad!!! I got really happy when she was created, because Luke continue alone after Ep VI was sad... and the saga doesn't have much strong women, it's a huge lost.