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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CNN Republican candidates debate: What a joke!

So far McCain has spoken for more than 6 minutes. Guiliani for almost 5. Romney for a little over 5. They're being asked just about all the questions.

Ron Paul has been given two questions and has only spoken for 2 minutes.

The other "non-front runners" are being given fewer questions and camera time, too.

This "debate" is a farce. It's protecting the ones the "mainstream" press wants to impress into people's minds are the only ones "worth considering".

For some reason, the last week or so I've gone back to reading Nineteen Eighty-Four. I don't know what's happened in the years since I last picked up that book, but it's like I can see this book coming to pass a lot more than I ever had before. This kind of consciously playing with people's perceptions is one example.

Whatever happened with giving everyone their chance to make their case, regardless of how much cash they have on hand or some kind of favoritism, and let the people decide on their own?

EDIT 9:02 p.m. EST: The only two that impressed me the least bit were Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo. And they barely got any time at all, especially in the second round (the one that had questions from the public).

Maybe it's time to post this again...

Fight the Matrix! Ron Paul is the One!


Anonymous said...

I'm TiVo'ing the debate, but I'll probably watch it next (then The Shield and then On the Lot).

I've also noticed that they spend the most time on the front-runners. In a way it makes sense, but in a way it's still unfair too. The 2nd tier will never break out of the 2nd tier if nobody gets to know them well enough (or course, that's probably what the media wants).

It would be so nice if Ron Paul and/or Mike Huckabee could break into the top tier. Did you see Ron Paul on The Daily Show last night?

I wish Tancredo and/or Gilmore would drop out so that everyone else would have more time in the subsequent debates.

Anonymous said...

To me Tancredo did the worst in the first two debates, mostly because his lack of ability to atriculate his answers makes him hard to understand sometimes. I thought his answers were much better tonight, overall. I think he burned himself with one of the last immigration questions of the night because he said something negative not just about illegal immigration but also *legal* immigration, and everybody else disagreed with him after that.

I also felt Gilmore did better tonight but that he has to work on connecting with people better, and an occasional smile wouldn't hurt. Thompson, as much as I liked him in the first debate, is slipping fast.