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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Giuiliani said WHAT...?!

I missed this the first time but it's been confirmed: during tonight's debate (actually last night's debate since it's now way early Wednesday morning) Rudolph Giuliani said that we need to use the American military for more "nation building".

Seven years ago George W. Bush said that we shouldn't engage in "nation-building". He went ahead and did it anyway. It didn't work. And now tonight Giuliani said he wants to do more of it.

If this guy does get nominated and then winds up actually elected President, then... I don't know what else to say, except that we will be screwed as a nation and we will probably have deserved it.

Like I said last month: when the "front runner" of the Republican party is a pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment, pro-amnesty for illegals, pro-"nation building", pro-big government in every way, drag queen...

...there is something very, very wrong with the world.


Anonymous said...

I caught the nation building comment too. It's hard enough to believe someone still thinks nation building is a good idea, but it's even harder to believe that Rudy would admit it. (And, I'm guessing the mainstream press ignored or glossed over the comment.)

Specifically, I believe he said that the military should be better trained on nation building. Even *if* nation building were a good idea, shouldn't it be diplomats and/or politicians who should be trained on it? If you train the military to do it, shouldn't we be calling it "empire building"?