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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tonight's LOST: "Ji Yeon"

Lost has come completely unhinged. I mean that in a good way.

Two weeks ago we got "The Constant", which many regard as the finest episode of the entire series to date. One guy I know swears he watched that one at least 20 times already. Some people said that last week's "The Other Woman" wasn't quite up to snuff with how incredible the rest of Season 4 has been, but coming right on the heels of "The Constant" that was a forgivably tall bar to try to surmount.

And tonight we get "Ji Yeon", which was a Sun and Jin episode. Which I've always enjoyed immensely. Except right now, right after this episode, I'm still trying to figure out what the heck it was that we just saw.

Good Lord... this is going to be a crazier mind-mush to figure out than "Through the Looking Glass" was.

(A few minutes later...)

Okay, I think that I figured it out. And if it doesn't make this one of the most heartbreaking episodes of any TV show in recent memory, I don't know what would.

This was not the usual "flashback" or "flash-forward" episode: tonight we got both. With Sun we saw a flash-forward to after she was rescued, and with Jin it was a flashback (the line about only being married for two months is the big clue).

So that last scene with Sun and Hurley...

Now that I've realized it, that hurts. And Lisa thinks it's very sad too :-(

About "Kevin Johnson": we knew months ago this was coming.. It had been rumored that he would be coming back in this episode. But still: that was one of the best returns of a major character to a series after a long absence that I've ever seen.

So, where has "Kevin Johnson" been all this time? What happens to Jin? Where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies? And what I'd like to really know is: how does anyone steal a Boeing 777 without it being realized that it's missing?

This was a good episode. And it's getting better the more that I think about it. And from the looks of the preview, next week's episode is going to be a doozy...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I don't catch on to things as quickly as others do, but I saw through the combination flashback/flashforward right away.

Jin and Sun were never in the same scenes. Jin's temper and obsession over the stuffed panda seemed more like his old self. Jin's cell phone looked old style (remember, some people noticed Jack's cell phone in the s3 finale looked newer than 2004).

And, the biggest clue of all was the store clerk's reference to the year of the dragon. I paused the show and looked up Wikipedia, and Dragon would have to be 04 Feb 2000 to 03 Feb 2001 if it were a flashback or 04 Feb 2012 to 03 Feb 2013 if it were a flashforward. A flashback was the more likely conclusion.

The one thing that made me doubt the technique was Sun calling out for Jin during labor. That made me think maybe he really was still alive. It also crossed my mind that she could have re-married another man coincidentally named Jin (could be a common Korean name), but that would have been silly. I was afraid they might be using her calling out for him as a red herring, and they were. The only minor weakness of the episode.

Seeing through the past/future technique didn't keep me from enjoying the episode. Here are two big questions: (1) Does Jin really die, or is he forced to stay on the island for some reason, meaning his death is fake and covered up like the others; (2) Is Aaron considered one of the Oceanic Six or just a tag-along (since he's just a baby); if he's a tag-along, there's still one more to be revealed.