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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Proof that I voted for Ron Paul in today's North Carolina primary

My precinct is at Reidsville Middle School. I just returned from there. Here is a photograph that I took of my ballot in today's North Carolina primary election. As you can see I cast my vote for Ron Paul for President... and it's been a long time since I've enjoyed having so clean a conscience in voting for a presidential candidate! None of that "hold my nose and pull the lever" here.

How many other people will be able to say that? Not nearly enough, probably.

I also voted for Eric H. Smith for statewide Superintendent of Public Instruction. But since I'm his campaign treasurer, y'all probably knew that was a given, too.

There may or may not have been other candidates and/or measures that I gave consideration toward. Parse that however you will.

On an ironic note, someone has told me that over at Free Republic there are many North Carolina voters who are bragging about having cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton! It was a little over five years ago that I was banned from that site for admitting that I would vote for Erskine Bowles for Senate because between he and Liddy Dole, only Bowles was the real North Carolinian. I knew that Free Republic had gone down the tubes, but I didn't know it was that bad. I have to laugh.

But as for myself, I cast my vote based on my principles and my convictions, without regard to party loyalty or childish chicanery. Which means that there might have been some races or issues that I did not vote at all. And there's nothing wrong with that. I've never played games with my vote. Even the ones that I cast that in hindsight were less than wise, I cast them only out of sincere belief in either the candidate or the referendum. Too many men and women have died for that right than to cheapen it otherwise.


Anonymous said...

fucking idiot. they're voting for hillary because of rush limbaugh's operation chaos. if you mattered you would know that.

Chris Knight said...

Hello everyone,

My first impulse was to hit the "Delete Comment" on the one above, the one time-stamped 3:02 PM May 06, 2008.

But you know what? In spite of its vulgarity, I'm going to leave it on here. Because I honestly believe that this comment is NOT a joke. The person who left it (whose IP address seems to be located in Colorado Springs, Colorado) most likely DOES buy into this "Operation Chaos" tomfoolery.

Operation Chaos - I had to look it up because I hadn't heard of it before now - is something that Rush Limbaugh did cook up, or he's claiming credit for anyway. He wants as many Republicans as can to cross party lines in their state primaries and vote for Hillary, to "sow chaos" as it were among the Democrats.

This is what the right to vote has become to some people: an immature game.

And Limbaugh insults the intelligence of the American people when he encourages such childish behavior.

I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, years ago. I was even what you would call a "rabid Dittohead". I bought and read his books, heck I even called into his show once and have the tape somewhere still. And then I grew up and saw that he was nothing more than the poster child of what America has too much turned into: a nation of bullies. He think of himself as "enlightened" somehow? Limbaugh is just a party thug and I've no more respect for him than I would for an analogous operative of the Democrat party or any other organization.

This isn't what the Founders fought and even died for. "Operation Chaos" isn't part of the America that I grew up reading about and wanting to be part of.

When I read comments like the one above, it genuinely makes me wonder if that America is even left at all anymore. And whether I should just give up on fighting for that America, so that it might be passed down to my children.

This is what it now means to be a "good American": to be a goose-stepping little trooper for one's political party, without questioning how ridiculous it makes you appear.

America will not long survive people like this.

qemuel said...

"...if you mattered you would know that."

Well, look at the bright side: at least "anonymous" is acknowledging his/her own worth by remaining anonymous.

I loathe hatemongering.

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to vote for Ron Paul yesterday -- even though in my county he came in 4th place behind "no preference" :-(