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Monday, June 16, 2008

Behold... Davros

Confirmation at last. There had been some concern that the last photo was not even genuine.

Let there be no doubt now: The greatest murderer in the history of the universe is back.

Credit Planet Gallifrey for the find. They also have a pic of the new Red Dalek over there.

Click the image to magnify the evil...

These seem to be leaked (unintentionally or not) press photos made by the BBC. This one of Davros matches up well with the still from the mid-season trailer a few weeks ago, particularly the indentation on the front near the top of the chair.

Yeah I know, this blog has been going a little crazy lately about the return of Davros to Doctor Who. But ever since news came out almost five years ago that the show was returning after a sixteen-year hiatus, this has been the single bad guy that fans have been wanting to see back the most. And Davros isn't your average insane evil genius hellbent on universal domination, either. From the very beginning he's had one very clear motive for everything he has done: perpetuate himself through his creations. This is how Davros wants to achieve a kind of immortality for himself. That his creations happen to be the most xenocidal lifeform to ever exist is inconsequential to him.

Davros last wrecked havoc in the 1988 story Remembrance of the Daleks. So what does Davros for the new millennium look like? Pretty darn sweet! I love how they've tweaked the original chair design: very modern but still classic Davros.

So now that we've concrete proof that he's returning, let's celebrate with this excellently-produced video that I found on YouTube called "Davros Vs. The Universe"...

Speaking of Doctor Who, I haven't watched this past weekend's new episode but I might get a chance to in the next day or so :-)

EDIT 7:39 a.m. EST: Surrey Dave in the comments passed along The Sun's reporting that the BBC has FINALLY officially confirmed that Davros is back, and is being portrayed this time by Shakespearean actor Julian Bleach. Previously there had been speculation that everyone from Sir Ben Kingsley to Patrick Stewart was going to be in the chair.


Anonymous said...

Do check out the latest episode ASAP. It's brilliant, very old-school "Twilight Zone."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Sun newspaper is confirming that Davros will be the villain of the 4th series conclusion and that he will be played by Julian Bleach.

Chris Knight said...

"Davros looks like C------ R----. Squinty eyed evil and raving mad and coward in the end."

No no no, we are NOT going to carry that thing into a discussion of Doctor Who.

Besides, that's an insult to Davros :-P