Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charles Roark offers FREE airtime on WGSR to Johnny Robertson for commercial defaming Yours Truly using my likeness

He did. It's true. I've got it documented.

And in Charles Roark's words: "I don't care... Take me on."

Just thought y'all should know.

So how is this different than what happened the other night? I never used Robertson's image.

Am glad that I didn't, now.

EDIT 5:08 p.m. EST: Roark talked about this on his "warm-up show" on WGSR this afternoon at 4:30. He's trying to spin it as if...

- I called Robertson out first.

- I told WGSR not to use my likeness at all.

Both are false. In fact, both are pretty much blatant lies.

Robertson wanted to debate me first. My only thing so far as "instigation" goes was to ask a theological question. He answered it. I was satisfied. Then Robertson announced that he was going to talk about me on his show that week and that I wouldn't debate him.

So I took him at his word, met him at the station with my video camera and let him have his opportunity. He quickly reneged.

So far as any reasonable human being is concerned, Johnny Robertson was the one who brought this to the television arena. Not I.

And so far as what I've told WGSR goes, I made it clear that my likeness could not be used in promos paid for by Johnny Robertson and his so-called "Church of Christ". Instead, Roark spun it so as to sound as if I was telling WGSR that it could not use my likeness at all.

So I called into the show. And told Roark that. I also accused him of very low journalism. He spat back that "this station is the most successful in the region" and then tried to make it sound as if I was "bitter", having worked there before.

Sure Charles, whatever.

Folks, some of you have been leaving some... not too polite... comments on this post, about Charles Roark. I don't really care to see those but I admit that the lesser angels of my nature are in resounding agreement. My last shred of respect for the man evaporated this afternoon, and I don't know if I'll ever tune in to WGSR again because of it.

He was right when he said one thing: once upon a time, I believed in that station. I thought it was good and I wanted to do my part to make it into something better. But I don't know if it will ever be anything more than it already is.

If Charles Roark is happy with that, fine. But if Roark is throwing his objectivity out the window for sake of a wealthy, paying client - and so far as I know Johnny Robertson and his "Church of Christ" are the biggest things keeping WGSR afloat at all - then I can't support WGSR anymore. Not as a matter of conscience. And the idea that I'm somehow "bitter" has nothing to do with it.

I can't help but think that I doubt Charles Roark will ever understand that.


Pete said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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RM said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i just watched your video response and i have to say lucky you did not run it. They (the church of christ)may be off base but that video would not have helped your cause

Anonymous said...

Didn't Charles give you lots of FREE airtime to vent your causes like school uniforms and the school board? Huh Chris?

Someplace In Intelligence Community said...

Anyone think Charles Roark cares a damn? And Chris bought his own airtime for his commercials he said when he was running. They weren't a giveaway.

Chris Knight could have been the best thing to happen to WGSR. You think Fox Network and New York Times would have noticed a fourth rate television station in Jerkwater USA with anyone else's commercial? Chris Knight could have been the goose that laid the golden eggs for WGSR. Loser Charles Roark killed it.

I think Charles is jealous of Chris. If Chris did wrong its because he trusted Charles too long.

Chris, ditch this town. You've got too much talent and passion to let it go to waste here. God has bigger plans for you, friend.

Someplace In Intelligence Community said...

Charles I agree too with what Chris said today, you are cheap.

Someplace In Intelligence Community said...
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Anonymous said...

Two felons are more trusted than an Eagle Scout? Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here.

Kyle S said...

You must expect this Christopher.

Matthew 24:11 "And many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many."

Matthew 24:8-9 "But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name."

Robertson, Fields, Oldfield are false prophets who mislead many. You stood up for the name of Jesus Christ and they would kill you if they thought they could get away with it. If you are hated take it as a badge of honor. It is not you they hate but Christ himself.

Anonymous said...
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Pete said...

Chris what about the stories you've made to your blog praising Roark and WGSR. Will you take them down now? I know you'll want to keep the school board ones on but what about the Christmas parade?

Chris Knight said...

A very interesting question, Pete.

I'm going to leave them up and unaltered.

In fact, it hasn't entered my mind at all that I should take them down.

If I have made an mistakes in all this, I'm confident enough in myself that I can learn from them and move past them, without having to resort to a Stalinist-style "purge" of my own history.

Those posts are the product of who I was at the time, whoever it was that I was. And that's part of the reason why I keep this blog to begin with: to reflect not just my thoughts on the things that interest me but for my own personal benefit, too. If they were made by the Chris Knight of 2006, there's no shame in being able to admit to that. And I don't regret that I made them at all.

Regret that I should have been wiser? Fer sure. But you don't get that wisdom to begin with without knowing how you've stumbled along the way.

And there are other reasons too, which I'll keep close to vest, about why I'm not going to go back and "alter history".

Chris Knight said...

"Someday somebody is going to beat the living sh-t out of Charles Roark."

Maybe. But it won't be me. And I don't want it to be anyone else who ever comes to this blog, either.

Let God handle it.

Pete said...
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Chris Knight said...

To everyone, and especially Charles Roark:

At the behest of friends who admittedly know better about some things than I do, I have removed ALL of the most spiteful comments that have been directed toward Charles Roark.

Charles, those were never my thoughts, and some are telling me that apparently you tried to spin them as if they were. It was wrong for you to have done that.

But it was also wrong for me to have left them up for so long. My intent was to leave the post wide-open for comment... so as to give others the opportunity to share their feelings about you even though you DID NOT AFFORD ME that same opportunity during yesterday's show. You continually interjected and in the words of one commenter "did not let you get in a word edgewise".

Two wrongs do not make a right here. For letting them linger for so long, I do apologize.

(And now I wonder if you would dare read the rest of this comment on the air since you have no problem "picking and choosing" what you wish to report...)

I have not, however, left the presence of those comments completely absent. As you can see, I have deleted them but you can tell where each one was. Those were some of the worst ones Charles. Neither did you apparently see the EXTREMELY bad comments that I had to delete early this morning that had been directed to you.

I left what in my judgment were some of the more innocuous comments, in the belief that maybe seeing those might wake you up to what you are doing. I suppose that I was wrong to believe that.

You are still practicing the worst broadcast journalism that I have seen, in that you do not even pretend to demonstrate journalistic integrity. Instead you are catering to the least common denominator for sake of more viewers. You are determined to project things as Charles Roark wants them to be seen. And so you have no problem with using inflammatory language such as "wimp out" to play on viewers' emotions instead of appealing to their intellect.

That's what disappoints me most about what WGSR has really become. Broadcast communication, at its best, can foster an enlightened people.

But there's no enlightenment coming out of WGSR. For the most part, it has become bottom-feeding fare.

Something that I assume you can afford to do since WGSR is not only "the largest" television broadcaster dedicated to this region, but that it is the ONLY television broadcaster dedicated to this region. Were there another television station covering the same market, I've no doubt that you would be forced to adhere to stricter standards or else go out of business.

Don't think that I'm challenging you either with that. I have no interest in running a television station in this area.

But really Charles, that you cannot see how your lack of ethics and wisdom is making the entire viewing area look to others, speaks volumes.

Kindest regards,
Chris Knight

Pete said...

Chris, I apologize for what I'd writen too. Charles Roark is still scvm for what he does to people. Johnny Robertson is a raving lunatic. Delete this if you must but they don't add anything good to Rockingham and Martinsville.

Pete said...

A man called Charles on his show yesterday to tell him to leave you alone and that you were a wonderful and friendly person. You deleted me saying that already so I'm telling you about it again.

Anonymous said...

WGSR in Charles Roark's care is small television for small minds. His audience is people who watched Cheaters then went into his show. You can't get people out of the gutter if they don't want to leave. Roark is nothing to worry about Chris. He's a bully with a television station and that's all.

Anonymous said...

A good historian like you will agree with the analogy.

Johnny Robertson is a little Hitler and Charles Roark is a little Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

Chris if Johnny Robertson and the Church of Christ he's from is loaded with money then why won't he buy airtime on a bigger station in this area like WGPX or WFMY or WGHP or WDBJ or WDRL or WSLS or WSET or WPXR or WLFG or WFXR?? Robertson has wealthy sponsors. They can afford it. There is nothing stopping them from buying airtime on a better station. If they must give God their best and get their message out then the Church of Christ would have shows on WGPX and WDRL long ago already. With all of their money they can only buy airtime in a very small market on a very small station that most people do not watch or know is there.

Chris again, why is the Church of Christ that Johnny Robertson controls here not broadcasting on better stations in the market with nicer broadcast reach and studio facilities when it could always buy the airtime if they wanted to? They only use WGSR. WGSR under Charles Roark is the only tv station that is desperate enough to sell them the airtime. All the other stations are too respectible to have them be clients. Church of Christ has to scrape the barrel-bottom and that is where Charles Roark and WGSR are. Roark may be stupid but Robertson would be smart enough to go after a bigger station. WGSR is all he could get.

And Charles Roark now that we know you are reading Chris' blog I want you to know that your commercial attacking DirecTV shows everyone that you are an ignoramus unfit to run a business. I'm sure it would have been up to you to ask and beg DirecTV to carry your station. You proved Chris' point that you don't care for anything but controversy even at cost of good business for your station.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Tammy Bakker appeared on a nationwide TV network and ran a multi-million dollar operation with tens of millions of viewers and donors.

I don't think the size of the network and the grandeur of the studio facilities dictate the credibility of the preacher.

Jimmy Swaggart also had an audience that spanned continents, but he was no more credible than Johnny R.

Being bigger and richer and located in Guilford or Forsyth County does not necessarily make a TV station or a preacher more credible or entertaining or informative.

Why should WGSR operate like WFMY or WGHP or WXII? Is there any need or interest in having another copy of WFMY/WGHP/WXII?

Despite my occasional dislike of what Charles Roark does or what Johhny R. preaches, I appreciate the availability of a TV station that is not a clone, even if it is a low budget operaion.

And I know for a fact that a lot of people are watching the station because it is not a WFMY/WGHP/WXII clone. I am one of them.

Our "jerk-water" community is damn lucky to have a "fourth-rate" TV station. Most "jerk-water" communites don't have any TV station.

I am grateful for more choice. I can just change the channel when Johnny comes on or when Charles is obviously off his meds. You can do the same.

Pete said...

Anonymous two messages up is asking why won't Johnny Robertson buy airtime on a station with ten times the coverage area when he could do that. His point is that no other station is touching Robertson and his nuts except Charles. Charles is not a good businessman and as Chris has said if there was a competing tv station Charles would not last long.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Star News because of crap like this. Besides Billy Bob's show was the only one worth watching.

Anonymous said...

According to this website the Martinsville Church of Christ has 60 members. Johnny Robertson is listed as fulltime preacher.

My questions for Johnny Robertson -

1. Did Jesus die so that only 60 people would go to heaven?

2. Where is he getting all that money from only 60 people?

3. Why is he a fulltime preacher when Paul himself was employed as a tentmaker? Unless those are very rich members a church that size could not afford to pay the salary of a fulltime preacher and pay for costs of building and have several hours of television a week.

4. Wouldn't the money be spent on better things than showing hate for others on television?

Gordon said...

Chris, my brother,
You've done enough. Like you said, let God handle it.

I know you have pity for people like Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark. It's more than they deserve. If I were in your shoes it would be hard for me to feel sorry for them.

People like they are will never know joy and love and peace. They see that in someone else and they only want to destroy that person. They don't have the courage to live life like you do. You create things and they only destroy.

You have Christ in your life and in your heart. Johnny Robertson does not. Charles Roark does not. What you did last week on television is something they could not do and it was something they can not understand.

Let them crow about their victory, for all the good it will do them. Keep running the race for the greater prize.

We love you brother,

Someplace In Intelligence Community said...

Johnny R was pathetic this week. He kept going to his laptop for stuff he wanted to rile people up to debate him and noone took the bait. Johnny behaved like a deranged Oliver Twist, 'please people I want more!'

Anonymous said...

Robertson had the deer in the headlights look tonight. Chunky Roark took Robertson's side, no question about it. Maybe if you paid Chunky 15,000 dollars a month he would take your side too.

Anonymous said...

Last night we watched Johnny for 5 min. and turned the channel. It's not fun to watch a self destroyed man beg for attention.

Pete said...

Chris, Charles is still talking about you today. He can't get enough of you. You should tell him that you are happily married to a beautiful woman and aren't his type. People only calling in to talk about Tiger Woods and burning buildings making Charles mad. And he just said you have no credibility. Charles Roark saying Chris Knight has no credibility is like Ron Price saying Robin Hood is a thief.

It's not fun to watch a self destroyed man beg for attention.

It's not is it.

Anonymous said...

I love how you people keep watching that station. You despise the station and Roark, but you just can't turn it off. Youre all addicted to it like heroin, you just cant wait for that next fix. Interesting indeed!

friend of Chris said...

People keep watching to see how far Charles will go. Can he not find anything better to talk about than Chris Knight for 6 days? He's appearing a little too desperate for viewers.

Chris put on his "suit of armor"when Johnny challenged him to a debate. Chris showed up at the station to present his view when asked and you dare to call him a wimp? Chris was bold enough to apologize to you, even though he never badmouthed you as others did.

However, Chris did question the journalism you practice?. You let people express their opinion on broadcast, but can't handle the pressure on a blog. Isn't that what a blog is for?

Chris is trying to do the Christian thing by "walking away," even though he is demoralized on television everyday. It takes more courage to "turn the other cheek" than to keep fighting an endless battle. "Suck it up," Charles, and move on to something good and decent. Perhaps an apology from you is too much to ask for? But as a Christian, I do believe in miracles. I leave with you these verses:

Ephesians 6:10-17
Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. But our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, the authorites, the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground....

And simply put, The Golden Rule:
Matthew 7:12
So in everything, do to others what you would have them to do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Anonymous said...

People, wise up!

You shouldn't annoy God with these petty issues. Don't use up your miracles quota trying to reform Charles Roark and Johnny Robertson

If God is not interested enough to do anything about Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush, do you really think he's going to waste his time on WGSR.

You can solve all your problems with your remote control. You don't need to get God involved in this.

It's just that easy.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown..."
Mark 6:4 NASB

I watched Chris do his thing and it was the Christian thing to do. He did decent things that Roark and Robertson could never do. Roark is too small a man to understand that. If he talks more about Chris today he's an even smaller man.

Anonymous said...

charles calls people wimp when hes too scared to tell it to their face. momma roark didnt give him star news behind to hide charles would be too chicken to say anything.

anonymous eden said...

We saw Chris last week and he never threw in the towel like Charles keeps saying. Chris didn't surrender. He proved his point better than the video. He made a point about Johnny Robertson and for added bonus he got to make it about Charles Roark. Charles sees surrender because Charles wants to see surrender. He won't look for truth only what his tiny mind wants. Last person with comment you are right. Charles Roark is now doing what Johnny Robertson did, he talks about Chris on live tv but he's too scared to talk to Chris face to face.

Greg said...

If Charles Roark as manager of a commercial television station is having bias in favour of his highest paying client and using his broadcasting to attack a critic of that client, the FCC will want to know about it. For lesser matters stations have had their licences overturned.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Greg! Yes, let's get the government to silence people whose opinions we don't care for. It's much better than just changing the channel.

Pete said...

Chris, he's talking about you again! Charles put up the picture of you from Children Of Eden and he has some hag on saying she didn't vote for you because of the Star Wars commercial.

Tell him you're married Chris and make him go away.

And the people above are right, Charles is too scared to talk to you face to face on camera.

Anonymous said...

Chris are you watching this! Everyone is calling in and opening up whoopass on Charle's Roarks sorry butt. Agreeing with you that Charles only looking for trouble. Hes giving hard times to someone else too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, When somebody else says something... another runs soon as they say it like, "Mama, Mama so and so did this!". Haha this is hilarious! Peace out...

Anonymous said...

Like a fatboy like Charles Roark could be in a musical himself. Hes probably jacking off while looking at that picture.

Pete said...

Johnny Robertson said hes got an hour tonight program devoted to you Chris!

Anonymous said...

Look up Charles Roark and Joan Ziglar. Roark has a long history of irresponsible behavior.

Anonymous said...

Frank Cassell is a better man than Charles Roark.

Anonymous said...

Charles said that its

"strange to see black people doing fiddling"


Is Charles a racist?

Anonymous said...

harassing people who were shot at and didnt care that they didnt want him around. more of charles roarks journalism.

Anonymous said...

News articles on Charles Roark can be found www.
Type in Charles Roark in the box at the top right of the page. The July 25, 2002 article I think is the most informative.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria - how is that camera on your fence? Still watching the neighbors peeing with your camera? Had any calls from hot police officers lately talking dirty?

Anonymous said...

Charles Roark is a loser. Johnny Robertson is a loser. WGSR is a loser. Face it people these are two men both who have gone to prison for stealing things one of them is bankrupt and found guilty of slander and the other is a conman from Texas. When it was Channel 14 it was a better station too.

Anonymous said...

With all the losers involved, it's hard to understand why WGSR is so popular with viewers and advertisers.

Anonymous said...

"With all the losers involved, it's hard to understand why WGSR is so popular with viewers and advertisers."

Because its viewers are losers too?

Anonymous said...

You normally think of bloggers as the biggest losers?