Friday, July 04, 2008

How the BBC resurrected Davros for DOCTOR WHO

Before this past week, the last time that Davros had been seen was the 1988 Doctor Who story "Remembrance of the Daleks". Two decades later and the BBC decided that fiction's most murderous villain ever deserved an upgrade for the revived series.

The Telegraph in London has an in-depth feature on how Davros was brought back to life. In addition to several conceptual drawings of both Davros and the new red Supreme Dalek, it also talks to the BBC's artists and engineering team members, who decided early on that Davros's new look should draw from how the character first appeared in 1975, when Michael Wisher was in the role. From the design of the chair to the sculpting of the prosthetics (which can only be worn once) that Julian Bleach wears for the two-part finale, the BBC staff held nothing back from intentionally making Davros "bigger and scarier" than ever. A very interesting read for anyone who's interested in film and television production.