Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dad's latest hand-crafted knives

Dad asked me to take photos of a number of knives that he's made in his shop recently, for an upcoming publication. I thought it would be neat to post some of them here also.

Two of the Damascus steel blades that he's finished. Dad learned the art of forging Damascus from Bill Moran, the man who more than thirty years ago re-discovered the centuries-old secret of making layered steel. Dad's Moran-inspired technique usually means that there are around three hundred layers of steel in an individual blade, all folded and hammered into each other. He also made the leather sheaths...

Bowie knife that was made special-order for a customer (whose name is engraved on the blade, which I have blurred-out of the photo)...

Probably his favorite kind to make: the entire knife is crafted from a single railroad spike. Also pictured is a knife forged from a horseshoe...

The Bowie is already spoken for, but if you see anything there that you'd be interested in purchasing, write me at and let me know.


Anonymous said...

They are the handywork of a true craftsman Chris. You must be proud to have a talented father!

I like the railroad spike especially.

Do you make any knives yourself Chris?

Chris Knight said...

I've made a number over the years. Including one attempt at Damascus. I'm mostly a stock-removal guy for now (but with good heat treating!). If my father is the Master, then I am content to be his Padawan Learner (in Star Wars-ese :-P)

Thanks for the kind words Carlos!

Anonymous said...

What would he ask for a bowie like that?

Chris Knight said...

I don't know how much that Bowie sold for, but another he made a number of months ago sold for $400.

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is chris I'm trying my hand at blade forging myself and wanted to ask how you dropped and flattened the fuller in the shoe to make the blade. I have a surplus of used horseshoes at my disposal my wife teaches english riding. I have a limited tool set and a poor mans forge to work with LOL its a stack of cinder blocks and some blacksteel pipe with a blowdryer for airflow and a brake rotor for a fire pot. I do have a decent anvil to work on and coke to burn too any tips would be highly appreciated.

Chris Knight said...

Dear Chris,
I don't have the answer to that question right off but if you can check back here tomorrow I'll be sure to get it for you :-)

BTW, that sounds like the same kind of setup that my Dad started with! :-)

Chris Knight said...

Dear Chris,
Okay, he flattens the fuller slightly but otherwise it's left intact on the handle. Adds "character" you might say :-) You can even see it in the photo.

Dad said that if you like you can give him a call some evening if you have any questions or just want to talk forging. E-mail me at and we'll get y'all talkin' :-)

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