Tuesday, February 03, 2009

AMC has first look at THE PRISONER remake!

I must say: this is really starting to intrigue me a lot.

AMC's website has posted a video with the first sneak peak of The Prisoner: its six-hour miniseries starring Jim Caviezel (aka Jesus from The Passion of the Christ) and Sir Ian McKellan (aka Gandalf and Magneto). It's a re-imagining of the classic British television series from the late Sixties created by and starring Patrick McGoohan. I've heard that before he passed away a few weeks ago, McGoohan had given his enthusiastic approval for whatever direction AMC has planned to take his concept. Just going by this video: it looks like there's a lot of respect for the original material being given here.

The Prisoner will broadcast on AMC later this year.

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PastorMatt said...

What is AMC doing producing something like this? Aren't there enough "American Movie Classics" to fill their schedule with something that 1) isn't American, 2) isn't a Movie, and 3) some would debate its status as a Classic.

I am looking forward to seeing what they do with this, one of my favorite independent British TV series, but AMC is absolutely the wrong place to debut such a work. Try it on A&E or perhaps Sci-Fi.

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