Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reaction to tonight's LOST: "Follow the Leader"

Last year's penultimate episode jaw-dropping final line of dialogue: "He wants us to move the Island."

This year's penultimate episode jaw-dropping final line of dialogue: "So I can kill him."

(As if what happened in the 59 minutes preceding it weren't awesome enough.)

If you haven't gotten into Lost yet, you've still got 8 months to buy the DVDs or watch 'em streaming online or do whatever the heck you can to catch up.

Because folks: television like this, I have to believe, will be a LONG time before it comes again... if it comes at all.

The rumor the past few weeks was that "Follow the Leader" would be a Richard-centric episode. Instead we got one marginally focused on Locke, now a man solidly with purpose. Along with a lot of action shifting wildly between 1977 and 2008.

And between Jack's trying to detonate the Jughead and Locke's modern-day machinations, past and present are headed toward a massive collision... that will rock the future?

High points of tonight's episode: Dr. Chang confronting Hurley and friends about the future. Sawyer and Juliet being interrogated in the security station (Phil is so dead after what he did to Jules). A few intriguing morsels about Richard (was the ship in a bottle he's building meant to be a clue?). Miles' continuing acceptance of his father now that he's getting to see firsthand what really went down. Sawyer's half-serious plot to win financially once he makes his way to the outside world of 1977. And of course, Locke deciding to call Jacob's bluff.

Next week: the two-hour Season 5 finale, "The Incident". One way or another, in one year or another, the Island is gonna go straight to hell.

(Will it end with a mushroom cloud? Find out in seven days!)


Lee Shelton IV said...

I'm not sure if it's significant, but my guess is that the ship Richard was working on was a model of the Black Rock.

Roxanne Martin said...

Just got around to watching the episode, finally. I have read a theory that coincides with the first comment. The theory stated that Richard was dead on the Black Rock when it crashed on the island, resurrecting him like Christian and Locke.

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