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Thursday, July 02, 2009

HILARIOUS TERMINATOR 3 deleted scene that KINDA woulda had TERMINATOR SALVATION make a lot more sense!

This was filmed, people! This was soooooo filmed!

What. The. Hell. Were. They. Thinking. ?!?

GeekTyrant posted this yesterday. It's a scene from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that was edited out of the final film. And had this been included in the movie, I could almost see how Terminator Salvation would have been better for it, because it proves that the Terminator saga's timeline incongruities were being actively addressed. I like how it's explicitly stated that the Skynet technology originated with Cyberdyne, and the reason why all the T-800 Terminators look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and even have identical voices (as weird as that was).

But I swear: I literally fell out of my chair when the clip gets to U.S. Army Chief Master Sergeant William Candy.

Nothing I can say could possibly prepare you for this, friends and neighbors...

"OOH... it's ME!!"


AfterShock said...

Yeah, I remember watching this as a deleted scene on the T3 DVD (yes I own it - despite some problems it is a pretty good popcorn flick). I couldn't stop laughing the first time I heard that voice come out of Arnold's mouth....hehehe :)

"I don't know about that accent..."

"We can fix it."

Brian (Nunchux) said...

WHA?! Holy cow, what were they thinking when they cut this? It's comic gold!!! That voice coming out of Arnold's mouth... priceless!

We can fix it.
Ooh, it's me!

Lee Shelton said...

I'm thinking a Terminator 3.5 DVD release is in order. :) Yes, this is indeed priceless!

Unknown said...

Oh that is too funny! It would be worth buying if only for that. And hey did you notice the background music from the video before they paused it sounded very suspiciously like the theme from the A-Team?

daysleeperchuk said...