Wednesday, November 18, 2009

International Space Station transits the Moon

Bernhard Christ, an amateur astronomer from Germany, put himself in just the right spot on the Earth's surface (a testament to his mad plottin' and plannin' skillz) and using a digital astronomical camera produced this sequence - made in less than 0.4 seconds - of the International Space Station transiting across the Moon...

That's five shots of the ISS taken at equal intervals. If you're wondering where the fifth is, click on the image to drastically embiggen it and look just inside the Moon's limb toward the left side of the picture and you'll easily pick it out from the lunar landscape.

Aim here for more about Bernhard Christ's astonishing photo, and many thanks to Shane Thacker for the great find!


Lee Shelton said...

Thanks for the new desktop pic!

Anonymous said...

check satellite flybys at for exact times ISS will be visible in our area