Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Second episode of ABC's new V just aired

I'm still enjoying this re-imagined V (slam here for my review of the pilot episode). ABC is doing a fine job of updating the concepts of the original. However, I'm more than a little compelled to say that this show needs to ratchet up the intensity. Tonight's episode "There is No Normal Anymore" picked up right after the end of last week's premiere, and then hit a plodding stride.

Maybe this is still just "setup" for a bigger payoff later. I hope so, because V has tons of potential. But unless there's some master arc plan in the works that we aren't aware of the show is taking its own sweet time more than Babylon 5 did, or Ronald Moore's Battlestar Galactica. It worked very well on those series and it can work just as well now, but V's showrunners need to pick up the pace bigtime, or all the interest it's enjoying now will peter out fast.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, as someone who grew up watching V whenever it aired on Sci-Fi Channel. I'm enjoying the new version of V. But the next two episodes need to have some big stuff happen, especially since after episode 4, V won't be back until March 2010.

-Drew M.