Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LOST Season 6: First post-episode reaction


We wanted the @$#%-ing answers? WE'RE GETTING THE @$#%-ING ANSWERS BAY-BEE!!!!!

Hey, what's John Lennon doing hanging out with Fu Manchu at the Temple?

This is better television than we darned well deserve.

Must. Watch. Again.


Anonymous said...

This episode Was off da hook and can't wait for next Tuesday defintely got slot of questions answer !still like wow

Anonymous said...

Much agreed.

Sayid = Jacob FTW!

Anonymous said...

Really disappointed in first ep! Fast pace but NO suprises or answers.

Locke = Man in Black = Smoke Monster
We already knew that!

And terrible special effects! They can make a plane crash but can't create a digital shark?

Chris Knight said...

I think the answers were there. Maybe not spelled-out but it was pretty easy to fill in the blanks on some things.

Although, I do agree bigtime about the digital effects in the underwater sequence. That looked too much like something rendered on a PlayStation 1.

The Happy Catholic said...

Soooooooo confusing. Do you think it's another dimension now?

Chris Knight said...

On his Twitter page early this morning Damon Lindelof said to be patient and that this would make sense. Guess we're just gonna have to go along for the ride, although I'm very glad that the pace has picked up! :-)

Geoff said...

after last night, I am sure Lost jumped the shark at the end of season 4 when Ben moved the island. It is just lame now.

Did you notice that you would get 7 mins of content and 3 minutes of commercials.

The digital shark snafu I think is indicative of the producers attitude. I would bet they sit around and say to each "we can think nothing through and put zero effort into the story because all the viewers want are questions".

I get it, we are all invested. I will watch the entire season and hope I get some closure.

Matt vanLieshout said...

check this out.


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