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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is the greatest Star Wars thing I've seen in YEARS

A seriously talented dude on YouTube with the username "otaking77077" has created what is by every possible measure the most astounding work of Star Wars art that has been produced in a very, very long time. Fellow YouTuber "JPL4185" added some music and sound effects from pre-existing sources. But it's the animation that will drop your jaw and have you begging for more...

Mr. George Lucas, THIS is the Star Wars that we the fans desperately want to see!! No more of that CGI stuff. otaking7077 has taken Star Wars and animated it in the style of Robotech and it is in this blogger's opinion the purest Star Wars sequence that I have seen since... dare I say it... the original trilogy. I especially loved the details inside the TIE Fighters that were liberally taken from the LucasArts X-Wing computer game series.

You know what watching this makes me feel like? What it was to be a Star Wars fan in the early to mid Nineties. That magical, mystical time after Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire reignited our love for the saga. That near-decade before the prequel trilogy when all we had were the novels and the comics and each other across the Internet. It was the Golden Age of Star Wars fandom and this animated work by otaking77077 took me totally back to that.

THIS is what Star Wars once was, and what Star Wars could be again.

And in a sane world, this dude will get hired by Lucasfilm immediately so he can give us a traditional animated Star Wars epic. Make this a television series, and the ratings would shatter the roof.


Lee Shelton said...

Awesome indeed!

KB30 said...

A M A Z I N G!

I want to see this instead of the Clone Wars fake animation show!

And I want Lucasarts to bring back the X-Wing games. TIE Fighter on Steam: why not??????

Chris Knight said...

LucasArts re-releasing TIE Fighter would be THE most happy computer game news that I could possibly hear. Abso-friggin'-lutely LOVED that game! One of the things I appreciated about this animation: all the controls straight out of the game, like the TIE Bomber pilot switching between various warheads and shunting more power to the engines.