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Sunday, October 28, 2012

You know who you are!

I'm gonna say something here and I don't care who reads it or what the hell they're gonna think of me...

ANY man who throws away a beautiful wife and some of the most amazing children that I have ever seen God bless ANYONE with, who mistreats the woman that he had been married to for so long, is a TOTAL BASTARD.

I admit that my bout with bipolar made me make life a living hell for those closest to me, especially my former wife and I'll always regret that... but even in the darkest times of that abyss I was NOT the asshole that some men seem determined to be. Men who even seem PROUD to be such assholes!

Guys, if God has given you a wonderful wife and such beautiful and smart children and you not only throw that away but treat them THAT bad, well... you not only NEVER deserved to be so blessed to begin with, you SHOULD be made to spend the rest of your miserable pathetic excuse of a life ALONE and REJECTED... because you brought it upon yourself, you f-cking piece of maggot-ridden garbage!!!

(And that's honestly the nicest epithet that I can come up with for a certain someone who I know is a regular reader of this blog.)

Awright... "Beast Mode" off.


Anonymous said...

Regardless who you you are directing this to, this should be read by every husband and boyfriend in the country. Well said old chap!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to find any person willing to bare their soul as you're doing on your blog, Chris. You're not afraid to admit your mistakes and weaknesses. Just had to say I admire that and admire you as a person and this is my favorite blog ever! Glad to read that you are getting more Star Wars movies too!

Lani, Seattle

KB said...