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Thursday, March 21, 2013

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has a new trailer!

Less than two months before this baby erupts across our peepers and I can't wait!

Whether he turns out to be Khan or not, Benedict Cumberbatch has already sold me as being a classic Trek villain.

Does anyone else think that the Starfleet war room looks a lot like the one in Dr. Strangelove? Here's praying that Star Trek Into Darkness doesn't end with Kirk riding a torpedo while whooping and hollerin'...


Scott Bradford said...

I was pretty sure he wasn't Khan, and now I'm certain of it. Maybe another augment (though I doubt it), but not Khan.

I think he's an original character created for the film, not a rehash of an old one. All of the characters from the old timeline [so far] are instantly recognizable in the new. This guy isn't.

And come on, who wouldn't want to see Kirk riding a [photon] torpedo while whooping and hollerin'? ;-)