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Thursday, January 04, 2024

Latest "episode" of my new video series

Still very early in this endeavor. Right now I am mostly working on camera angles, lighting, a better intro sequence... and my own presentation.  I used to publicly speak better than I do now and I have to wonder if the meds I take to manage my manic depression might have taken some of that away.  But there's no way to improve without jumping in and DOING it.  Perhaps I will indeed improve with time.

Anyway, here's the latest episode.  In which among other things I reveal my nearly forty years-old quest to obtain an object I've had my heart set on from the moment I saw it.  Lord willing that my book sells, I hope to get one.

Aaaand, on with the show!



Solomon Grundy said...

I like this angle but Chris please clean up your desk. You're not in college anymore ;) You should increase the volume the next time you make a video. Yes your presentation needs polish but that's coming. The more of these that you make the more your confidence will improve. Great story about the siege note! I looked it up and that is indeed a handsome currency. Now I want one!

Just call it The Knight Shift Show. You've got a great brand with that.

Chris Knight said...

Yeah, my desk IS a mite cluttered, ain't it? :-P That's actually cleaner than it usually is though. Only the best production value for our viewers!

Thanks for the good words. I'll be monitoring the volume from now on.

Hope you can score one of those notes :-)