About Me

I was born.  I grew up.  Somehow I am still here.  That is more often than not despite myself.

So greetings, kind sir or good lady!  My name is Chris.  I am grateful that you have taken the time to come here and look around.  I shall endeavor to make your visit here worthwhile.

Real men don't do "selfies"...
but in this case I'll make an exception!
As for who I am, well... that can be any number of things.  I am a writer.  I am a filmmaker.  I am an actor.  I am an uber-Star Wars geek.  I love dogs.  I write poetry sometimes.  I am a historian.  I study quantum physics.  I fight evil incarnate on a regular basis.  Sometimes I even sleep!

Far more important than all of that, I like to believe that I am known, and will always be known, as a good friend and a true brother to those who I care about.  I'm someone who has been blessed to have a lot of wonderful people in my life, and I hope that I will do them some honor on this blog.  I am only here because of their prayers and encouragement across the years.

In 2016 I left my original hometown of Reidsville, North Carolina and embarked on a journey across America, accompanied by my miniature dachshund Tammy.  The Knight Shift had been in continuous operation from the winter of 2004 on until a few months into the trek from home.  It was then that I found that an adventure in self-discovery wasn't going to be lived to its fullest unless I devoted the time to living the journey as opposed to writing about it along the way, even sporadically.  It was never my intent to abandon this blog: just needed to be able to return to it when I was ready.  And now?  I'm far from where I began, both in physical distance and personal growth.  In so many ways the journey hasn't ended yet.  But it's time now.  And as of April 2018 I have returned to The Knight Shift.  The future will tell if that was a good idea or not :-P

Politically, I am very hard to define.  And I like it that way.  I have been accused of being "conservative", "liberal", "libertarian", even "socialist" (?!).  All I can really tell you is that I believe in a never-ceasing pursuit of the truth, in whatever form that may ultimately be.  It is a pursuit that has led to my growth and evolving as a writer of opinion, and I don't foresee that ceasing anytime soon.  I believe in ideas as opposed to "ideologies".  Mine are convictions, not political persuasions.

But if anyone demands something less abstract, fine: I'm a believer in personal liberty with responsibility.  I also believe in limited government, and that local communities are best suited to determining their needs and how to meet them.  No matter your persuasion, you are almost certain to find writings here that you will heartily agree with, or will honk you off, or sometimes both at once.  And that's just how I like it!

In spiritual matters, my conviction is that every person is free to seek after and worship God as best he or she can understand Him.  But that right ends where the rights of others to peacefully do so begins.  Most will call me a "Christian".  But that's not precisely accurate.  I prefer to think of myself as a "follower of Christ", who believes that one must choose to follow Him because he or she desires to, not because one is forced to.  Yes, I am a Christian... but it's not a religion to me so much as it is a relationship with God.  One that I am also constantly growing in.

I guess you could say that most of all, I'm just a guy doing what he can to be what God made him to be.  My faith is the most important element of my life, and you will find that it's reflected here in these pages.  Sometimes I fail in that as a writer.  But I do strive to have a life that honors God, and doing what He would have me to do.

And I like to think that I run a pretty mean blog.

So if any of that interests you, follow along and let's play!

San Diego, Thanksgiving Day 2016
First time seeing the Pacific Ocean