"The Baritones"

Made purely for fun, this is a parody of the opening credits from HBO’s acclaimed series The Sopranos.  “The Baritones” however was shot on the “mean streets” of Reidsville, North Carolina and Rockingham County in general.

This has become somewhat of a bittersweet short film, in that some of the landmarks depicted no longer exist or have been relocated from their original familiar settings.  I like to think that “The Baritones” is now a bit of a memorial to those, and will memorialize what was, what should have been and what may be yet again.


Jack Singer said...

Gosh, Chris, but if I only had a nickel for every time, while growing up, that I should have had a camera with me or made notes of my surroundings while "in the moment." I say this in retrospect, now that much of the familiar landscape of my youth is heavily altered or has been erased by time and progress.

I think your early efforts at film-making served a very important purpose. Perhaps they were limited in scope, but what is important is that the films exist. They provide a brief, if not compelling glimpse of your town, "as it was" through a clear lens. They will be available for historians and other archivists for future reference. Maybe you could work on something about documenting things in your milieu as they are now. I think this is important because landmarks, like us, sadly, inevitably, will be gone someday.
Thanks for reading. Hope you are well. Glad you got back to blogging.
Jack Singer