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Thursday, November 24, 2005

HBO may deny Rome a second season?!?

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that HBO - which apparently had previously greenlit a second season of Rome - may now be having second thoughts on any further installments of the hit show.

If HBO did this, they will have truly joined the ranks of the galactically stupid. Rome is one of the best shows on TV right now, maybe even one of the best ever attempted. The producers have taken already great history and turned it into a well-executed bloodthirsty gangster drama: like I said before, it's The Sopranos B.C. The show has only gotten better as it's progressed, the detail is opulent beyond belief, the action sequences are stupendous, and Titus Pullo is now officially one of the most serious bad-a$$es in television history (I'm still hearing "Thirteen!" in my head after the episode "The Spoils"). HBO had darned well better not cancel Rome!! But then, they had already cancelled Carnivale: another show that was one of the very few actually worth your valuable time watching. I'm still dying to see how THAT was going to all resolve itself. Now it looks as if we won't see the aftermath of Caesar's assassination play out. Well, what else can I say: if this is true, "Screw you HBO!"


Fecund Stench said...

I've got a feeling Rome is just too expensive to produce. Filmed in Cinecita, outside Rome, and I believe by the BBC, HBO can offer similar fare, Sopranos and Deadwood, for much less money.

Chris Knight said...

Maybe so but they can't stop it NOW! We still gotta see Mark Antony and Cleopatra get it on. We gotta see Octavian rise to become Augustus Caesar. We gotta see Brutus running for his life. Plus we still have to watch more of Titus Pullo beating the #*@& out of whoever gets in his way!! Stopping it now, right at Caesar's death, is a MEAN thing to do to the viewers. But you are right: Rome is horridly expensive to produce... but boy has this past season ever been worth it!! If it's cancelled though, I guess there is some good news: John Milius can now go and try to be president of the NRA like he's wanted to be for a few years now :-)

Fecund Stench said...

If you really want to blame someone for this, look to Larry David and Ricky Gervais. They've spoiled HBO by bringing in episodes so cheap.

I too, shall lament Rome's passing. I'm now a real Kevin McKidd Fan. Ciaran Hinds just tore it up as Caesar. But for me, the gravitas of the kid playing Octavian was mesmerizing; easily the best acting from a youngster I've seen lately.

And now they've pushed Deadwood back to June.