Saturday, February 12, 2005

Screamin' Dean has no meanin': Why Democrat and Republican loyalists are fools

Did a quick look through all the major news sites and #1 story today is Howard Dean getting elected to be chairman of the Democratic Party.

Why should we care?

This'll be a big deal to a lot of people. The Dems will praise their new leader and the Pubs will hate him more. That's all.

This "news" has no intrinsic value whatsoever. But it has the intended effect: trick a lot of people into thinking that this "really matters" so they can be even more faithful Democrats or spiteful Republicans and not have to bother to think for themselves about the things that ARE important. So they can be used by Those With Power(tm).

All of you Democrats who believe this news is critically important: you're wrong. And you do precisely what's expected of you when you become such tools to your party's masters. Same to you Republicans: you'll focus anger on Dean just like you did when he was running for President, and you won't even bother to stop and consider why it is that you are angry with him. Just as you were led to hate Kerry for no reason. Which is just as many Democrats hate Bush for no reason other than because he's a Republican: whatever legitimate issues you might raise against the man, you corrupted your message into self-destruction.

But that's okay, because you - regardless of whether you are Democrat or Republican - will have behaved just as they knew you would. But you can't become one of "them": you know, the Bushes, the Kerrys, the Gores, the Kennedys, the Doles, the ones that dangle the carrot and tease you with power, make you believe that you really are important to them. You want the kind of power that they have... but they will never allow you to have it. They'll trick you into believing that you have it, but you hold no sway whatsoever over those that cut the deals and anoint their chosen candidates. And yet you still cling to the notion that because you belong to The Party, your place within it is priceless beyond negotiation.

You're just cannon fodder to The Party, whichever one you belong to. And after you are gone there will be more that are willing to take your place. Whatever "good" you believed you did for The Party, you will not be missed. Or even remembered. And you are still too afraid to stop clinging to them.

In short: you are all fools. Because you choose to be fools.

Perhaps none of you deserve that power at all. You are getting precisely what you deserve, then. And when your children and grandchildren become slaves, you can blame no one but the person staring at you from the mirror.

The two major parties in this country are a control mechanism on the American people designed to stifle independent thought and observation, and then action. So too are any third parties a kind of control: that they arise primarily as a reaction against one or both of the Democrats and Republicans means that they are an extension of that dominant control, and nothing more. It's true that no one from the Libertarians, the Constitutionalists, the Greens, or the Reform parties will ever win the office of Presidency: they won't be allowed a serious opportunity. Although the parties themselves are not only allowed, they are required by the Democrats and Republicans to perpetuate the belief that to accomplish good, that one must first possess power. And that power can only be effectively wielded if it is more powerful than opposing powers.

That's why the Libertarian Party - though it has some good ideas - hardly ever wins even the most minor of electoral races. They are more determined to keep enough power just to stay on the next ballot than they are with actually doing something substantial. But they're never going to have enough power to do that, at all. That's not their role. They and the others are there to keep the "malcontents" happy in the conviction that they are doing "something that matters", and that is all that they can do.

To wit: the news that your TV sets bring you every night, the politicians you are expected to vote for, the passions that arise from sound bites and petty insults and empty rhetoric, the anger and hatred that you somehow justify having toward your fellow man... are all a means of control.

You are under control.

Which means that those of us that are out of control are going to have to figure out what exactly it is that we are supposed to do with you. And if it were up to me, that would mean bringing you out of control, too.

But it's not really up to me. It's up to you.

Life is so much more liberating and fulfilling when you choose to "take the red pill".

Think about it.


the iconoclastic cat said...

You NAILED it! Again! And I'm a flaming liberal! Wow. Write a book, will you?