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Saturday, February 12, 2005

About "that website story"...

For the record, 'cuz plenty of mail has been coming in about this, given my earlier relationship with the subject matter:
- Yes, I've heard about what's gone down the past 48 hours or so.

- Yes, I've read the open letter.

- No, I haven't read the message thread.

- No, I haven't read any comments about it anywhere.

- Yes, I'm aware some things I've written here have been posted to another website.

- No, I do not post to that other website.

- No, I do not even regularly visit that other website.

- No, I do not presently post messages to ANY websites (other than TheForce.net forums as "Chris Knight", and not as much as before).

- Yes, I'm aware that a few things about the years I spent there have been discussed very recently.

- Yes, I'm aware that at least one thing that I wrote a year ago has been brought up.

- No, I don't regret saying THAT a year ago, because if the person it was directed at didn't desire to understand it then that's not my problem.

- No, I'm not going to "check it out" because "I don't care".

- No, I'm no longer angry about what happened, because if this letter is accurate then I'm more than happy to no longer have any association at all with the subject.

- Yes, I could say an awful lot about the situation.

- Yes, some of it might be very damaging.

- No, I won't.

- Yes, I promise that I won't.

- No, I don't even care to mention them by name, because if this is indeed "the shot heard around the net" then there's no need for me to bring any more attention than this thing deserves (a Google search had it coming up at least 400 times anyway).

- No, I don't regret my time there. Regarding anything. I stayed as true to myself as I could be and that's all I knew how to do.

- Yes, it's regrettable that what happened there, has.

- No, I'm not gloating. There's no gloating at what has become a very sad state of being for too many people.

- No, I won't even gloat at what's happened to him.

- So no, I don't want to be involved with this. At all. Ever. Leave me out of it. Please don't even ask me to get involved in any way.

Yes, that's all I intend to say on the subject.


Anonymous said...

WHAT are you talking about?

Chris Knight said...

Would prefer not to "speak" it aloud but I got about 20 e-mails about it since yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Ve haff vays of making you talk, herr Colonel Hogan.

Chris Knight said...

You forgot about the tunnels we dug all beneath your camp, Herr Klink :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the Free Republic mess? I thought what you said last year to Jim Robinson was pretty low. Just at first. I then saw it was a deep act of contrition that not many people could have put that beautifuly much less want to at all. What you really tried to say was that the mood on political forums like Free Republic was corrupt and you didn't want to turn into someone corrupted and angry like Robinson. Is that it? I miss your voice of sanity and Christian love on FR and on LibertyPost.org but if that's why you don't participate in those anymore, I understand. Nice to see you haven't completely given up the fight though ;)


Anonymous said...

Darth you missing a hell of a show. They are eating their own at Free Republic tonight.