Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Does this mean Commander Ashtar is returning to Earth?!

Dear Lord... I never thought that this day would come again.

Chad, if you're reading this, I heard something about this a few weeks ago but didn't think they were SERIOUS. Apparently they were.

It's Ken and Mark.

They're ba-aaaack.

The mother of all call-in shows (well WE thought so back in the day anyway) has returned bigger badder and bolder than ever. Check out the official website for "Monday Night Live" for the 411 on the return of a local legend.


Chad said...

About 8:10 on a Monday night, circa 13 years ago...
Ken: "It's that time of year again....daylight savings time has begun and people are out doing other things."
Mark: "Hey we've got a caller."
Ken: "Caller, welcome to Monday Night Live."

Mark Childrey said...

Hey Chris! Great hearing from you on the Monday Night Live blog! Its true, we're back on the air with a 9pm time slot and so far, so good. The telephone line stay clogged with whimsical callers, however, Commander Ashtar hasn't been heard from. And our offer to Elvis still stands. If he will appear live on the air with us, he gets $100 in CASH, but he has to bring proper identification. Keep checking the MNL website for updates, and thanks for mentioning us. By the way, I thought I recognized that nasty little HEE-HEE-HEE of Chad's...