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Monday, April 11, 2005

Why the Bush-bots will loathe the new Star Wars movie

So... you a George W. Bush supporter?

'Cuz if you are, you aren't going to like Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith one bit. At all.

It comes on very good authority to this blog that the final chapter of the Star Wars saga is a MASSIVE slam against Bush.

It won't be PERSONAL, mind you. In the character and machinations of Emperor Palpatine, George Lucas is merely using a metaphor for EVERY would-be tyrant throughout human history. And knowing what I know about it now, I cannot but believe that this detail of the story was planned out long, LONG while back.

But that won't come as any comfort to Bush and his supporters.

In fact, based on what I've been given about Revenge of the Sith, this movie might incite some blatant thoughts about active rebellion against Bush and his cabal.

But if not, the parallels between Palpatine and Bush are damned downright unsettling. Anyone with two neurons and a synapsis between 'em isn't gonna fail to see the analogies that Lucas has evoked. F'rinstance (SPOILERS AHEAD)...

- something happens that Palpatine will exploit, turning it into an excuse to demand more power from the Senate and effectively making him an absolute dictator. For the most part the Senate cheers and goes along with him.

- Palpatine will gain the power to declare anyone an enemy to be destroyed, at his own pleasure.

- At one point Palpatine will claim to be above any kind of accountability.

- There's one thing in particular that I can't help but think is a dire reminder of the situation in Iraq right now. Don't know if it'll make it into the final cut of the movie or how many will see this, but I did and it's a pretty damning indictment against ANYONE who would get innocencts involved in this kind of meaningless conflict.

- The whole notion of political parties and having one party dominate just about everything takes it on the chin bigtime in Revenge of the Sith. Anyone who still adheres to that outdated belief after seeing this movie should forevermore be branded a blithering fool.

- A modified take on Bush's speech about "if you are not with us, you are with the terrorists" is used by Palpatine.

- There's some real allusion to the PATRIOT Act and it ain't pretty either.

There's more but I can't recall all of it just now. Better that way anyway: I don't wanna spoil it for anyone and I don't want to know anymore for my own part. But I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, Revenge of the Sith could be a seed of some much-needed dissent in this country against The Way Things Are.

I wouldn't mind being a Bothan Spy in that action :-)


Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I had no idea that those themes would be in the new SWs movie, but the things you mention sound very plausible. If Im any indication of how this all 'plays' then I'd say that this will help the box office, because, for me at least, it makes the movie seem more interesting - it makes it seem more than just another popcorn, kiddie flick. Lucas must have taken all the criticism of the first two to heart.

Anonymous said...

Actually you are wrong most of the conservatives that I know can and do seperate entertainment from politics. You can yammer on how evil Bush is and how he is palpatine but, we know it is not true.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I would think you libs would hate Star Wars because the Jedi Knights actually fought evil they didn't sit around and just pass worthless resolutions like you guys love so much. Maybe if ObiWan and Yoda had just invited Palpatine over for tea the whole clone wars could have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

"Funny, I would think you libs.."

What the F### are you talking about?

Chris is probably the most far thing from a liberal that you can be at.

You, whoever you are, are a g-d-damned idiot.

Anonymous said...

And to prove that you are a g-d-damned idiot,

Liberals are pro abortion. Chris has written some passionate pro life articles on his blog.

Liberals are for bigger government. Chris is obviously for smaller government.

You can't write about your belief in God the way Chris does and possibly be "liberal"

Liberals are usually pro gun control. Chris has said a few times that hes a strong believer in the second amendment.

Liberals want no borders where Chris has said we need stronger borders.

Admit it, your nose is right up at Bush's butt and you're enjoying sniffing his butt. You'd suck on his genitals if he asked you to. You have no spine so you try to bring down those that do. All you did was prove to the world that theres one more idiot in the ranks.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha this is too funny knight a liberal? that's like saying john paul ii was a southern baptist.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said that we should "separate entertainment from politics" never saw Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator obviously.

Chris Knight said...

Two comments above have been deleted. Doesn't matter who they're directed at: I don't take kindly to threats aimed at anyone. Please leave this kind of crap off my blog.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Christopher I read the Revenge Of The Sith novel and you are so right this movie is going to be a big attack on Bush and his way of doing things. To who said that Palpatine was based on Nixon well maybe so but Nixon was damned incompetent where Bush is the pure evil that dictators do arise from and Lucas would have been a fool not to base Palpatine on that. People dont blame Christopher or George Lucas they're just the messengers. People like Bush are the ones that start it to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Somebody had to state the obvious. Thanks for pointing out that Revenge Of The Sith really is a warning for us. Love your website too man.

Anonymous said...

Robert, it's pretty clear that Chris is not pro-Bush, which was what the poster whom you responded to implied, though he took it too far when he described Chris as liberal.

Anonymous said...

Bush is no where near perfect and has messed up bigtime. But I'm very glad we don't have Hanoi John Kerry in there. That idiot would make us lose our sovereignty in no time. He LOVES the United Nations and those bastards are corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Palpatine and Bush is that Palpatine is smart.

Anonymous said...

your an idiot...your mixing in entertainment with politics...people go to movies because they want to escape reality. That's all that star wars is and will ever be. To say that it somehow relates to Bush and the War on Terror is freaking bull. Quit over-analyzing and freaking enjoy the movie. It was indeed a great movie and the saga will be forever remembered.

Anonymous said...

All politics are just one big entertaining show so that the American people who consider themselves "political analysts" can be entertained by useless stammering about topics that are trivial to Americans in the scheme of things. I wouldn't want to know about the real decisions that are made behind the closed doors of the Pentagon or the White House. There's absolutely no reason why that poster can't compare Bush with Palpatine because they both put on one big show.

Anonymous said...

You sir, are right on. I myself am a FORMER conservative who detected Bush's treachery right after 9/11 I must commend you on the striking conclusion, upon seeing it I thought the very same thing.