Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I pity da fool who don't read this story!!

The Sun over in Great Britain has a great article about the return of Mr. T to the public eye. For the past ten years or so T hasn't been in the spotlight much, mostly because he fought hard (and won) against lymphatic cancer. But now T is set to have the biggest time of his life since he first exploded onto the scene in the early Eighties...
A battle against cancer forced The A Team star to take a break from acting 10 years ago, but now he's healthy and back with a new American reality show, a part in upcoming movie Rocky VI and even his own comic book.

Mr T told us: "I call all this stuff my resurrection, my second coming.

"There's a new generation out there and they like me and I'm honoured by that and grateful to God.

"We are going to start filming Rocky VI soon, with me as Clubber Lang again, and we're also starting work right now on my new show - which is called I Pity The Fool.

"Unlike all the other reality programmes, it is going to be about helping people. We're not going to be eating worms or swapping wives.

"For example a lady might write to me saying she's having trouble at a car dealership, because she's the only female employee and the men are harassing her. So I'll go in and straighten things out.

"I learn about the situation, observe for a couple of days and then call the guys into a meeting and give them the Mr T rap - 'I tell you fools, you don't disrespect no lady. My mum is a lady.'

"I don't get physical with anyone but I talk to them man to man and brother to brother."

The reality show bit I think is pretty ironic, 'cuz it made me think back to that commercial for the Oregon lottery from five years ago ("T needs a foot rub! Who's gonna give Mr. T a foot rub?"). I dunno about the whole idea behind a new Rocky movie but it'll be great seeing T returning to the role that first propelled him to fame. It's a nice long article and it shows a lot of the legendary soft-hearted nature that Mr. T became renowned for as much as his mohawk and gold chains... which he's not wearing anymore.

But I can't end this without first posting my all-time favorite photo of Mr. T. Circa 1984 at the White House...