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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good news: Diebold Voting may be leaving North Carolina

Diebold - one of THE MOST EVIL companies in American history - may be leaving North Carolina and taking its damnable voting machines with it. A judge is refusing to protect the company from having to release the source code behind its voting software.

When it comes to voting there MUST be a paper trail, something that can be readily tabulated by hand if need be. The bastitches at Diebold have - maybe even intentionally - been undermining the sanctity of the ballot box all over the country. There's no telling how much damage they've done through their computerized voting systems. No doubt there'll be some people who'll act all smug about that, but those people aren't even real Americans in my book. Diebold isn't a real American company either. May all their machines meet the business end of a sledgehammer, and not soon enough.