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Monday, May 15, 2006

I've joined the rabble on Myspace

Why oh why have I done this to myself?


Magnus said...

I created a myspace profile and my email started receiving a tonne of spam.

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Yeah, I always swore I'd never get a myspace... but it happened. I'll send you a friend invite :)

Chris Knight said...

I got a weird friend invite earlier today from some girl I'd never heard of before. Her profile was a photo of her (I'm assuming) wearing ummmm... let's just say she was in a state of "undress". 'Course I denied her being on my friends thingy.

I saw Harry Knowles's Myspace thing the other day (myspace.com/aintitcool) and he has something like 20 million friends. Think he's granting friends requests no matter what, or something :-P